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maxpalnquick question - when I downloaded the linux port I got it via git clone git:// - is this still the best way to get it?13:36
stekernmaxpaln: has been lost, but you can use this:
olofkmaxpaln: If you come across any instructions that still point to, let us know. I'm trying to update all links I find17:12
stekernJonas answered to a message on LKML at least, so obviously he's not completely fell off the grid17:48
olofkstekern: Yeah, I saw that one too17:49
olofkPeople who write verilog models for memories write the weirdest things ever.22:26
olofkNo matter which model I look at, it's always completely impossible to understand what's going on22:27
olofkI probably learned more about obscure verilog features from that kind of code than I would have ever would have otherwise22:27
olofkWell, at least I can boot an u-boot image from Flash in the LX9 Microboard testbench now22:34
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