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olofkManaged to install Windows yesterday. Feel so dirty06:16
olofk...and also installing all those damn patches, which took about the same time as it did to reinstall gentoo from scratch06:17
olofkbut with ten times the number of reboots06:17
olofkghdl is a bit tricky to install07:14
olofkTurns out that our old friend Peter Gavin has the PPA for Ubuntu packages07:15
maxpalnhowdy all - I'm starting the somewhat daunting task of writing a simple user guide for ORPSOC13:40
maxpalnThe first version will be pretty light and will be aimed at the non-fusesoc version I'll be distributing within Lattice. But the aim is to make it a more generic document soon enough -13:42
maxpalnA sort of entry point for new users to walk them through the basics and provide some pointers for how to get at the less obvious information.13:42
maxpalnIt has the secondary benefit to me of highlighting how little I understand in detail :-)13:42
maxpalnI've barely begun and I'm already noticing a bunch of inconsistencies in my understanding... but you've gotta start somewhere I guess.13:46
maxpalnha - as I am browsing through the Openrisc webpages I am finding a bunch of links that I might have found useful 18 months ago :-)14:11
maxpalnincluding some tutorials for Xilinx and Altera implementations - I am guessing my document could be considered equivalent to these. Although I am including links to direct the user at various other resources14:24
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GeneralStupidmaxpaln: nice!17:03
GeneralStupidmaxpaln: i think i can give you what i got for the altera de2 but i only want to explain fusesoc17:03
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