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olofkhexdump must be the most user-hostile utility ever10:33
olofk_franck_: Do you know what the different u-boot image types mean?10:36
olofkSeems like they are only hints10:45
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olofkAre there any or1k elf files that are not a multiple of four bytes?17:49
stekernolofk: do you mean the elf file itself or the containing data?18:31
_franck_olofk: which ones ?18:49
olofkstekern: The data19:40
olofk_franck_: there is a field in the u-boot image header created by mkimage that specifies image type19:41
olofkstekern: I guess there could be some byte data in the end of the program that might be unaligned19:42
stekernolofk: more importantly though, why do you want to know it ;)19:58
olofkstekern: Making a u-boot image SPI loader and wondering if I can make the read loop always copy whole words instead of bytes20:21
stekerncan't you regardless of the actual payload?20:27
stekernwill it ever matter if you happen to copy 3 bytes (max) junk at the end?20:28
olofkI guess not, but I solved it in another way so it's not an issue anymore20:32
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