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bandvigstekern:  I’m learning the cappuccino pipeline, especially using pipelined multiplier and I have a question.12:55
bandvigLet’s imagine the following scenario. 1-st, a load-insn is issued to pipe. Next a mult-insn (no data dependency) is issued. Load-insn delayed due to cache miss.12:55
bandvigThe mult-insn completes earlier than load one. It looks like the RF will be updated by mult-result before by load-result.12:55
bandvigI don’t see how cappuccino-pipe handles the situation.  Is there a mechanism to resolve out-of-order completion in cappuccino-pipe?12:56
stekernbandvig: I'm out of the door here and will be afk until tomorrow, but I'll try to answer then13:16
stekernbut the mult pipeline is gated by the stall signals iirc, no?13:17
stekernthe mult never arrives to rf out of order13:17
stekernthat's at least the intent, you might have found a bug too ;)13:18
bandvigstekern: Thanks for prompting. I've found... not a bug but answer. Execution (including mult) is stalled from CTRL stage till LSU answer "valid" on "load | store operation" flags. The stall logic is so dustributed among different modules. It is quite hard to analyse it.13:34
bandvigA question to anyone who knows how configure NewLIB.18:50
bandvigThe NewLIB building stage generates several different versions of NewLIB (like "compat-delay", "compat-delay/soft-float") placing them in appropriate directories of "or1k-elf" tool-chain.18:50
bandvigWhere is the place the variants are configured?18:50
GeneralStupidhas anything changed? is there already a new website without opencores?20:09
GeneralStupidis there a way to get my fusesoc build into quartus?20:21
GeneralStupidcan anyone help me with my pin assignment?21:23
GeneralStupidis there a prebuilt newlib / or1k available?23:26
GeneralStupidi configured the de1 pins to fit the de2 board. I can connect to jtag23:26
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