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stekernmore veroboard meets old discarded computer parts porn:
stekernI *knew* that old matrox graphics card would become useful when I didn't throw it away07:55
stekernseems to work too:
olofkhaha. I know the feeling. I've kept on to my Sound Blaster 16 for the same reason10:23
olofkehmm.. looking at the picture... what exactly have you done there?10:24
stekerntook the VGA connector (that was attached to a matrox graphics card with a pinheader) and soldered it to the de0 nano via a resistor ladder10:31
olofkaha. I somewhat suspected that, but I didn't think the Matrox card used a daughter board for the VGA connector10:31
olofkWhich one is it? A millenium?10:32
stekernit says "matrox eton et866" on it10:33
olofkLooks like Matrox is still around. I assumed they were bought up by someone long ago10:34
olofkThere's a website for everything :)
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