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olofkIs anyone interested in keeping the or1200 option for the systems in FuseSoC? I'm inclined to remove them starting with de0_nano.06:06
olofkFor de0 nano I'm also looking at throwing out a lot of the other `ifdefs as well and let people copies of the system if they want less SPI and I2C controllers06:08
bandvigolofk: I'm not interested in or120007:26
olofkbandvig: I'm not interested in or1200 either, and I think most people are fine with mor1kx08:10
olofkbandvig: And regarding your question about the uart version, it's a bit tricky. I've been trying to find time to implement some proper versioning support, but I'm not there yet.08:11
olofkI did a proper release (1.5) of uart16550 just for that reason, to have a known good version08:11
olofkHmm.. could u-boot be set to use the wrong IRQ for UART perhaps?10:56
_franck__olofk: u-boot doesn't use IRQ11:46
HeshamIs there anyway to force terminating qemu from the running or1k apps? like with l.nop 0xc on or1ksim?11:47
poke53281@Hesham: According to this line, there is no special behavior for l.nop11:55
Heshampoke53281: Thanks. I may add a patch because it's useful to terminate qemu from the apps.12:00
HeshamI added a patch to terminate QEMU if l.nop received 0xc as an argument. It'll be used part of RTEMS Tester, let me know if I should submit it.14:39
poke53281Is 0xc also used in or1ksim?15:17
Heshampoke53281: Yeah15:19
poke53281Then I think, you can try to submit it.15:20
Me1234Look here:
Me1234Looks like that ksz8051 is not supported.17:49
Me1234No, actually it is supported
Me1234May this commit fix the kernel panic I have with ethernet ?18:29
olofkMe1234: Hmm... maybe, but you should also check your pin configuration on the board. Depending on how you set them, the phy will start up in nand-tree or MII mode19:05
olofkBut looking at the schematics for your board, it should be in MII mode if all the CONFIG0-2 jumpers are removed19:12
Me1234olofk: The error happens is here:
Me1234olofk: I think it is an error in DTS.19:24
Me1234What should the PHY address be? 0 or 1?19:30
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