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ysionneau22:25 < stekern> she even packaged it as a present for her < ahah !00:51
ysionneauso now you will have all your datasheets with you at all time on your kobo =)00:51
ysionneaumerry x-mas00:52
stekernysionneau: yup, that's the plan08:39
stekernlast year when I was in thailand, I read "Understanding The Linux Kernel 3rd Ed." from my tablet08:40
stekernbut low battery time and a display not suitable for sunshine made that a suboptimal experience08:41
stekernI usually go through 6-8 books during our month trips, carrying "real" books with me isn't really viable.08:43
poke53281Merry Christmas10:14
poke53281Finally I enabled the sound in jor1k. Timing is still a problem.10:17
poke53281Forgot to include christmas carols :)10:17
ysangkokpoke53281: is there OSS emulation? this would enable some interesting demoscene stuff:
ysangkokpoke53281: this would also enable some interesting sound demos without using more than a few bytes in the image shipped10:58
poke53281ysangkok. I think, that I included OSS as well.16:47
poke53281At the moment, you can start mikmod and hear the sound in monkey island and doom.16:48
poke53281but with a ltency of more than 1 second16:48
poke53281Probably I can also play mp3s with mplayer. Have to try16:50
poke53281timidity doesn't compile yet16:52
poke53281ysangkok. The link is cool. (for my own definition of cool)16:54
poke53281ysangkok: The image devlivered has a size of 4-6MB no matter how large the filesystem is.17:11
poke53281kernel + busybox + libc + filesystem-metadata17:11
poke53281Everything else is loaded on demand. I am only limited by the github repository size.17:12
poke53281And the total number of files in the filesystem. Otherwise the metadata of the filesystem explodes.17:13
olofkHas anyone tried the gdb regression tests?21:57
olofkLooking at bug 22 in bugzilla21:57
olofkpoke53281: Has this been resolved yet?
olofkThis one should be easy to test, but I don't have any machine with the toolchain running atm
olofkpoke53281: This one too
olofkGahh.. lots of stuff that probably just need to be verified as fixed, but I'm blind without a compiler22:12
olofkBugzilla cleanup day is ruined :(22:13
olofkOh well. Two bugs closed. That will have to do22:28
poke53281bug 106 is solved since 1.5-2 years22:28
poke53281the second one is still present.22:32
poke53281But I am not sure if 107 is really a bug. I know that gcc doesn't use l.div22:40
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