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stekernmerry christmas07:54
olofkmerry christmas07:57
ysionneaumerry christmas guys o/09:40
olofkWoohoo!! Got a DIY oscilloscope for christmas from my girlfriend.20:43
olofkJust sucks that I can't seem to find any linux SW to talk to it20:44
olofkThankfully they have released the source code for the windows driver dll. It's written in pascal, but contains 90% inline x86 assembly (I'M NOT KIDDING!!)20:57
olofkI think I just found a document in finnish describing the protocol for one of their other devices21:06
stekernshout if you need translation ;)21:06
olofkstekern: You would be the first to know21:08
stekernhaving a oscilloscope at home is nice21:12
stekernI have an old HP 54501A, 100 MHz 4 channel21:12
stekerngot it for free from my previous work21:13
stekernthink it costed 5000€-10000€ new21:14
olofkcool. Looks like a really nice one, I've always missed having a scope at home. This one has a bit more modest specs, but it would help out with stuff that my multimeter can't solve21:19
olofkAnd I will have to build it myself which can be seen as both a good and a bad thing :)21:20
stekernyeah, even if mine is by no mean high-end by todays measure, my needs have been modest enough for it21:21
stekernmeasuring baud rates seems to be the most common ;)21:21
stekernI'll spend the evening creating pdf's of these:
stekernand then put them on my kobo glo21:22
stekernthat 'my wife bought for me' as a christmas present21:23
stekern(I ordered it and payed for it) ;)21:23
olofkoooh. I loved those!21:24
stekernI should have ordered two, when she realised what it was, she tried to steal it21:24
stekernshe even packaged it as a present for her21:24
olofkI got all the issues of high score (the successor to dmz)21:24
stekernI have a lot of them in paper bags at our summer house21:25
stekerndmz that is21:25
stekernI went over to 'Attack' after dmz21:28
stekernhave a bunch of those at the summer house as well21:29
olofkYeah, attack was good too. High score really went downhill when they tried to reinvent themselves as a men's magazine and had a lot of softporn instead of games21:48
juliusbmerry christmas all23:39
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