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--- Day changed Mon Dec 22 2014
mor1kx[mor1kx] skristiansson pushed 2 new commits to master:
mor1kxmor1kx/master 3c39f03 Stefan Kristiansson: dmmu: add support for multiway tlb...01:28
mor1kxmor1kx/master adce0ad Stefan Kristiansson: immu: add support for multiway tlb...01:28
stekernmy 'random' replacement routine in Linux is appalling...01:53
stekernlow bits of the tick timer01:53
stekernwallento isn't around, I wanted to ask him if he's planning on adding support for the LRU bits together with the dirty and accessed bits01:54
stekernanyway, appalling sw or not, the hw seems to do it's job correctly now at least01:56
stekernwallento: I pushed the multiway changes last night, I'm kind of missing the LRU field though. Was that something you planned to include in your dirty&accessed changes?12:35
blueCmdolofk: single snapshot13:06
* olofk also feels dirty&accessed sometimes13:56
stekernolofk: what asus laptop was it that you had?14:06
wallentostekern: I think the accessed and dirty are not relevant for replacement, as they file if multiple pages have been accessed14:21
wallentowe need an extra LRU field14:21
wallentonot sure how this fits here14:21
wallentois something like this in the spec?14:21
stekernwallento: the LRU field is already there14:25
stekernand I agree that it's not related on a conceptional level, implementation wise I think it might be related though14:27
stekernsince you can probably reuse the same read-modify-write logic you'll need for the dirty&accessed14:28
olofkstekern: I think it's a Zenbook Touch UX31A. Is there somewehere in /sys I can read this out?14:28
stekernnot sure, I finally got around my decision agony and ordered one of these:
olofkstekern: Looks quite similar, but with a Nvidia card and without the touch screen14:30
olofkTouch screen is the worst fucking thing ever with a 1 1/2 year old kid14:31
stekernyeah, I decided against touch screen14:31
stekernI was looking at a lenovo yoga2 13 for a long while14:32
stekernsimilar specs, but without ssd and with touch and flipable screen14:35
olofkWhen I bought this one, I looked at three different brands with similar specs. I went for this one since it had the least compromises when it came to the keyboard14:37
stekernmmm, the lenovo had a pretty decent keyboard as well14:38
olofkThe Acer only had four rows, so function keys were shared with number keys14:38
olofkThere was something with the Lenovo that I didn't like. When I tried it in the store I missed some of the keys14:39
stekernoh, that sucks big time14:39
wallentostekern: yes, this sounds good, I will have a look at it14:39
wallentoon lenovo the function keys and F-keys are overlayed14:39
wallentoand insert and end share a key14:40
stekernthe default behaviour of lenovo and hp that you have to press fn key to get f1-f10 sucks too14:40
stekernluckily you can revert that behaviour14:40
wallentoyou can change this in the bios14:40
wallentoand lenovo keyboards have backlight, which I don't want to miss again14:40
olofkMy biggest problem with this keyboard is that Page up/down home end are on the arrow keys, and my hand isn't big enough to reach between fn and the keys14:41
olofkMakes onehanded operation annoying14:41
olofkYeah. Backlit keyboard was surprisingly nice14:41
stekernyes, that was another factor, both the yoga and the asus has that14:41
stekernthe lenovo had dedicated full-size page-up and pagedown14:42
stekern*but* no free room next to the arrow keys, which annoys the hell out of me14:42
stekern...because I have a habit of taping that empty space when I'm thinking ;)14:43
olofkYeah, I came to realize that the keyboard is one of the most important things when buying a new laptop. Thankfully I had a store nearby where I could try out all options before ordering from somewhere else :)14:43
wallentoyes, thats a problem. imo they can remove this silly pad or make it smaller and add the extra row again14:44
wallentolenovo at least has the keys where you expect them, arrows etc.14:44
wallentoon dell keyboards they are scattered through all free spaces..14:44
stekernanother important thing is that the ctrl is located on the left side of the fn key14:46
olofkstekern: Yes! Switching those is incredibly annoying14:46
wallentothis is not the case for lenovo I think14:46
olofkI think that was more common a few years ago14:47
olofkHas anyone used the Altera ALTDQ/ALTDQS IPs?14:48
olofkTime to explore Vaarainjärvi now!15:00
stekerndid they pick names of lakes for their releases because they are anticipating thousands of releases?15:07
_franck__olofk: I want to compile some software before starting a simulation in fusesoc. What do you thinnk of introducing a way to start a script before anything (this script would run make or/and something else)17:52
olofk_franck__: Yes, I think that's a good idea. I want to be able to execute custom scripts between all stages18:07
_franck__ok great18:07
olofkThere's probably a few more env vars that would be nice to export to the scripts as well. Please let me know if you can think of any18:08
_franck__olofk: we already have pre_build_script, I just enabled it for cores:

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