IRC logs for #openrisc Sunday, 2014-12-21

--- Log opened Sun Dec 21 00:00:20 2014
_franck_I didn't expect I would be so lost in C++23:00
olofk_franck_: I haven't done a single line of C++ in about 15 years, but I constantly read articles about how extremely complex everyone seems to think that C++ is23:37
olofkSo you're not alone23:37
_franck_I made my thing work, don't ask me how :) Some random copy/paste23:49
olofkNever underestimate the power of random copy/paste :)23:50
ysionneauyou are talking like there would be another technique to do C++ :)23:51
olofkysionneau: Isn't that the problem with C++, that there always is another way to do things? :)23:56
ysionneaumy problem is often just finding one that works :p23:56

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