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maxpalnstekern: olofk: yes, CTI=000 is essentially redundant - however, the BFM should probably test it for completeness! :-)09:57
olofkmaxpaln: Agree10:02
stekernI agree10:02
stekernI see that the latency between uk and sweden and uk and finland is about the same ;)10:03
olofkHow come there's always problems with that damn Atlys system?10:55
stekernbecause xilinx tools are great at making indeterministic builds10:57
olofkAmen that10:57
olofkI'm doing a test build with 14.610:57
stekernI can't reproduce the problem here..10:58
olofkWhich version?10:58
stekernHesham had the exact same problem iirc10:58
olofkah ok. I thought it was something similar, but not exactly that10:58
olofkI remember that they removed a port from ODDR2 or something like that10:58
olofkOr disallowed some parameter value10:59
stekernyeah, it was this:
stekernthat's sorted out long ago11:00
stekernthis is just xilinx tools randomly failing11:00
olofkMy favorite problem11:00
LoneTechbetter than cadence tools randomly failing?11:32
olofkLoneTech: I suppose this is a general EDA problem12:25
olofkAny examples of how to instantiate an Altera differential clock output buffer? (like Xilinx obufgds)13:16
olofkFound a horribly complicated document without any code examples13:17
olofkahh. ALT_OUTBUF_DIFF seems to be the one13:18
olofkAltera I hate you14:14
olofkThis was a lot more complicated than I had anticipated14:29
olofkThey can't seriously expect you to use their shitty GUI to create a simple I/O buffer?14:54
LoneTechoh, they do. and typically it creates a wrapper module for a trivial instantiation.14:56
olofkYeah, I've seen the code. It was completely horrible14:56
olofkThat's at least one area where Xilinx does a better job14:56
_franck__you sould read this one:,OpenRISC,0,557215:40
olofk_franck_: Yeah. I wanted to do something similar a while ago. Having the code in a ROM. Realized it's a bit tricky to make that work in practice21:12
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