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Limb.MATCH_MASK ({32'hfffffc00, 32'hfffffff8, 32'hfffffffe}))03:34
Limb.MATCH_MASK ({32'hffffe000, 32'hfffffff8, 32'hfffffffe}))03:34
LimbCan anyone see a reason why one of those would work, and the other would cause my memory to be inaccessible?03:34
LimbHmm... so it appears the timing for the cellram controller was off somehow04:21
LimbNow to bump the memory up to something useful and see what happens04:21
LimbWell it somewhat works... Can write to LEDs but it doesn't seem to take some inputs. Also getting CRC errors in OpenOCD05:00
olofkDamn. They will microwave a hamster if I don't back thimbleweed.08:10
jeremybennettolofk: You there?08:16
jeremybennettI can run fusesoc on my main PC (Fedora) just fine.  But when I run it on my laptop (Ubuntu) I get the message: WARN:  Failed to register cores root 'Unknown provider "opencores" in section [provider]'08:16
jeremybennettAnd then most of the cores are missing08:16
jeremybennettOK - solved my own problem08:18
stekernthat's the #openrisc way ;)08:19
jeremybennettI had installed fusesoc with --disable-svn, because I didn't have SVN installed at the time.  Not a good idea if you want to use anything more than the bare cores08:19
jeremybennettstekern: Of course08:20
jeremybennettAmazing how much OpenRISC has changed in the last two years.  I feel like I'm starting from scratch with building a core and model.08:20
jeremybennettstekern: olofk: What is the status of fusesoc development.  Are you still accepting patches?08:21
stekernolofk loves getting patches08:21
stekernthat way he can show off his mad git skillz08:22
jeremybennettOK - patches will be supplied in due course...08:23
jeremybennettBack later...08:24
olofkjeremypbennett: Patches are most welcome. I haven't had much time for FuseSoC development lately unfortunately, but it's still alive08:27
maxpalnFTW, the impetus behind reworking the wb bfm testbench was that my most recent changes to the memory controller didn't work in HW but the old simulation showed no problems. With the new randomised testbench the problem has been exposed - it took 3175 random transactions before it appeared though. Nothing like working the corner cases!!16:06 starts to become more and more tempting, "slightly" snowing here today16:18
stekerndriving home from work took an hour, usually it takes 10 minutes16:19
stekernI'm satisfied with the choice of car that we recently bought at least, felt like driving on a dry summer road in a subaru forester16:20
poke53282olofk: I hope you will be able to take a shuttle to Mars to grab the fuel.17:16
poke53282I like the reward: "Absolution of Guilt. Tormented with guilt over pirating Maniac Mansion or Monkey Island as a kid? Shed that guilt forever."17:18
poke53282stekern: Found one minute ago on Hacker News:
stekernpoke53282: oh, a game with the only part I hated about monkey island 1 and monkey island 3 ;)20:14
stekernah, the pleasure of being guilt free20:28
poke53282Maybe this part was annoying when I played it (3-5 times). But now in retrospective I don't feel it was bad.23:02
poke53282What I remember was the long reach on the island from A to B.23:04
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