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olofkjeremypbennett: FuseSoC documentation is sparse, but start with cloning fusesoc, then autoreconf -i && ./configure && make && sudo make install. Finish it off with "fusesoc init" to set up the core libraries08:18
olofkAnd don't forget to send me your bank account number so I can charge you for a FuseSoC license08:19
olofkDoes anyone know how to search for a signal value in gtkwave?09:25
wallentoyou need to search for string09:27
wallentoand string can be a hexadecimal09:27
wallentoyou need to click the signal in the wave view09:28
wallentothen search->pattern search 109:28
wallentoand there its "string" in the dropdown09:28
wallentoif you search for a hexadecimal value09:28
wallentothen fwd/bwd09:28
olofkI think that gtkwave just got an award for least intuitive search function09:29
olofkAnd what's this "logical operation" that I can choose?09:31
wallentonever tried this, always fallback to modelsim when I need something more sophisticated10:20
wallentofun fact: try deleting a signal from the waveform10:20
wallentoto save you some time: you can only cut it ;)10:20
olofkYes, that one is weird. But I have become so used to it now that I use Ctrl-C in the other simulators now instead :)10:22
jeremypbennettolofk: Thx - got as far as building a verilator model of mor1k10:29
jeremypbennettI'm doing some work on Verilator optimization, and need a serious test case for the customer.  A chance to fly the open hardware flag10:29
olofkjeremypbennett: Great. Keep on verilating!10:45
olofkWoohoo! A new FPGA board arrived in the mail today10:45
olofkwhat the...? Altera charges $300 for their crappy USB Blaster11:15
olofkI wonder if I can route the JTAG signals through my DE0 Nano instead. That is Blaster compatible, right?11:16
wallentoaren't all those plain ftdi?12:15
olofkwallento: I think that there's an MCU in the Blasters12:16
wallentofor xilinx they have an ez-usb and a spartan 3 fpga12:16
wallentobut zed is plain ftdi for example12:16
wallentoand de0 nano also12:17
olofkI think that Nano has an onboard MCU that implements the Blaster protocol12:17
wallentoI am absolutely not sure, but I think its quite dumb12:18
olofkThe Digilent boards I have seen does something similar for the Xilinx protocol12:18
olofkIt's extremely stupid12:18
wallentothis one12:18
wallentoand on xilinx there is this sysace then12:18
wallentobut thats not the programmer12:18
wallentothe ft2232h is kinda programmable12:18
wallentoso they do jtag over this12:19
wallentodoes the altera blaster do more than jtag?12:19
olofkYeah, we used an ft4232h on the ordb2a boards. They are quite handy and you could program the FPGA with urjtag, but I think you need the FPGA vendor protocol to use on-chip logic analyzers and similar stuff12:19
wallentoyou can also download the firmware from a de0 nano and put it in your ftdi I suppose12:20
wallentothats just some weak memory I have, that we planned to do something like this12:20
wallentowe played around a lot with ez-usb12:21
olofkBut I don't think that the ft2232 contain an MCU. Just a bunch of programmable registers12:21
wallentothe protocol comes over usb12:21
wallentosome bit banging12:21
olofkah right12:21
olofkI'm getting lost in all those layers of proprietary protocols, jtag, usb etc..12:23
wallentoI think the ft2232h mini module was around 12 euro or so12:25
olofkThat article was a bit short :)12:25
wallentoyeah, but it was going in the right direction ;)12:25
wallentoI would start with this mini module and try to get the firmware from the de0 nano12:27
wallentothe rest should be handled by the altera programmer/udev12:27
olofkI would start by telling my manager that I need an USB Blaster :)12:27
wallentoyeah, but wheres the fun in that ;)12:27
olofkI agree. Just got an insanely tight schedule ahead of me now :/12:28
wallentoI don't know if they also do for altera, but digilent has a much cheaper version of the xilinx usb programmer12:28
olofkTerasic got one too12:28
wallentothis is the one we also use here12:28
olofkTerasic is basically Digilent for Altera12:28
wallentoas the usb II cable is also 300 euros from xilinx12:28
_franck_olofk: get one from Terasic12:37
stekernI've got one from terasic, it works just fine13:39
stekernbut I think you can route the wires from de0 nano too13:40
olofk_franck_, stekern : Something like this?
stekernolofk: yup, exactly that one19:53
stekernI wouldn't be surprised if it's the exact same hardware19:54
stekernI bet terasic made the altera ones as well ;)19:54
stekernOT paste:
stekerngetting closer to get this out of the pipeline so I can start on openrisc stuff again ;)19:56
olofkstekern: Good to hear you're making progress. Let's just hope that Broken age isn't released too soon. Can't afford to keep you away from OpenRISC :)20:45
stekernI need to fix this odd bug where the red colors become green for some indexes in the palette...20:55
poke53282Stekern: You might be interested in this:
poke53282I wanted to post it already two days ago. Thanks for remembering me.22:15
stekernyeah, I saw that ;)22:27
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