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olofkHas anyone looked into Yocto support for OpenRISC?08:44
olofkOk, so far I have managed to make wb_sdram_ctrl ~15% slower. Great :(09:06
stekernolofk: I read something about another fifo, what was that for?09:26
stekernthe design was made as it is to avoid the fifo on the read side09:26
stekern...or a big reason why it looks like it does was to remove it09:27
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juliusbso, I'm often interested in brand new posters to the ml, wondering if they're from industry, academia, etc.14:51
juliusbso I usually google their name14:51
juliusbI think you'll find an interesting list of priors relating to the recent post from mr peter t breuer14:53
juliusbrelating to the recent poster, I should say14:53
juliusbnot necessarily related to that post, which is a very good question actually14:54
olofkjuliusb: Yeah, looks like people have opinions about this guy16:22
juliusbhis feedback is reasonable16:27
juliusbhe probably got further with or1ksim than I could16:27
olofkBack to full speed with wb_sdram_ctrl!18:27
olofkjuliusb: Yes. I've never ran the self tests, so I don't know the status of those18:27
stekernolofk, juliusb: conclusion from that old log, you have to compile with --disable-shared19:47
stekernand pgavin did some more work to get that automatically detected, maybe it's futher down the log...19:48
stekern...maybe I can respond to the mail directly19:53
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