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poke53282I could increase the speed in my emulator by another 20-40%. It's crazy how much one little code can be optimized.04:59
stekernolofk: your eyes were too slow to see it?14:30
olofkFucking quartus explicitly require system verilog for writing a generic RAM with byte enable16:42
stekernaah, back after a weekend with 1800 km of car travel17:14
poke53282you decided to drive to Munich?18:53
-!- echo_oddly_ is now known as echo_oddly18:57
stekernhaha, no. we drove from helsinki to kuusamo and back19:47
poke53282never heard the name of the last city19:53
poke53282but there exists a Wikipedia article, even in Germany So it does indeed exists :)19:54
poke53282Did you see the aurora borealis?19:59
stekernI've seen it on other occasions though20:14
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