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olofkahh.. some of the stream writer regs were not readable08:38
olofkNow I can at least read and write to the wb_streamer regs. Fuck knows what I changed to make that work08:47
stekernolofk: maybe you had forgot to attach the flexid dongle?09:25
stekernI think I just threw up a little in my mouth09:28
stekernreason: 5 minutes of vivado hui exposure09:28
olofkstekern: So when can I expect a FuseSoC Vivado backend? ;)09:41
stekernI don't know, do we need that if we'd do a parallella board port?10:17
olofkEhm... do we have an l.movlo?11:02
olofkNever mind11:04
olofkIs there a swi?11:09
olofkWhat the... isn't ; start of comment in asm?11:17
olofkoh well... /* */ still works11:19
stekernwhat are you doing? are you typing random letters into a text file until something happens? =P11:27
olofkYes, I hope to have recreated all of Shakespears works soon11:45
olofkHow do I read the pc from gdb nowadays?11:45
olofkah... x $pc gets me the address indirectly11:45
stekernnice 4 hours of waiting, and all vivado has achieved is to leak memory11:48
olofkThey bragged about spending 50 man years on Vivado. If I were them I would have kept that level of incompetence secret12:00
olofkIf I load an elf in gdb, send a 'c' command and ctrl-c, will the program keep running then?12:01
olofkI killed openocd instead of ctrl-c. Will that work?12:06
olofkI really need to get the preloading of wb_ram working on altera devices12:06
stekernif you just want to load the program but not debug, why are you throwing gdb in the mix?12:07
olofkBecause of... ehh.. well... reasons...and... stuff12:07
olofkWhat would my other option be?12:08
stekernoh, *reasons* and *stuff*, those are hard to argue against12:08
olofkI could use the openocd tcl interface, but then I need to pass my elf through ld12:08
stekernah, you had that problem12:08
stekernyou can load a raw .bin with openocd too12:09
olofkBut can I quit gdb and let the program keep running?12:09
olofkI know there's a detach command12:09
olofkIs that the one?12:09
stekernI'm not sure if you can12:12
olofkI'll make a hardcoded rom with my test program for now. Seems like the easiest way12:20
stekernyou can use this too:
_franck__and, with that one I think you can use signal tap at the same time ;)12:30
_franck__olofk: passing your elf through ld is not that hard:or1k-elf-ld -o test.elf test.o -T $your_linker_script12:34
_franck__your_linker_script = for example12:34
olofk_franck__: Using signaltap at the same time would help a lot12:39
olofkHow do I get rid of a defunct process?12:40
_franck__to work with signal tap, what I've done is to load the ram with openocd, reset the CPU with my board push button, close openocd, run signal tap and release the button12:42
_franck__it's ot the easiest way but sometines you don't have much choice12:43
olofkor1k-tcltools seems to do the job. Awesome!12:45
olofkYes! Finally some activity on the pins12:46
olofkI will nominate or1k-tcltools to project of the year!12:48
_franck__or1k-tcltools deserves to be recognized for its many qualities. It accept this price with honors.12:48
olofkHmm... do I need to reset or something to download a new program?13:07
olofkGetting closer. Program works, but I need to reprogram the FPGA when I change the sw13:18
olofkDoes anyone know of a small lib that can generate pixels (or rather x/y coordinates) from a string?13:42
olofkI guess that imagemagick and libsdl can do that, but I probably want something simpler14:16
olofkAll things considered, I had a great breakthrough today. Time to stop now15:09
pecastroadreyer: I think this is code specific... I've debugged it down to this line16:02
pecastroups... shite.16:03
poke53282olofk: Not sure what you mean, but maybe the libfreetype lib is the one in which you are interested.16:21
olofkpoke53282: I basically just want something that can create a simple font for me20:40
olofkBut to make it slightly more complicated I want a list of x/y coordinates instead of pixels20:41
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