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olofkstekern: Wait until you see my off_shoring and out_sourcer cores :)06:52
* olofk is not awesome :(08:03
olofkNo... wait. Turns out I am awesome after all08:07
olofkHmm... looks like icarus don't like regs wider thatn 2^18 bits08:12
stekernwhy do you have 2^18 bit regs?09:01
olofkThat's a valid question. I'm stuffing a lot of stimuli into my FIFO BFM09:19
olofkThere's no problem though. I just need to split it into chunks first09:19
stekernthis makes me upset, vhdl with flattened 2d-arrays in the port decleration11:25
olofkstekern: Agree. I guess the reason for doing that is that people don't know how to export a type that can be used in the parent module11:36
wallentohey guys, can anyone help me with our gcc problem?12:13
stekernwallento: the one you posted to the ml about?12:14
wallentoI have no clue12:14
wallentocan this be a port problem12:14
wallentoit is something with the destructor12:14
wallentoand moving stuff12:14
wallentoit seems12:14
stekernI just remembered about that today, I did some investigation and I tried to create a smaller test case from the code that fails. But I couldn't.12:15
wallentohm, any clue how I can track it down? I unfortunately have no idea about the GCC internals12:16
stekernyou could try to go back to 4.8.1 and see if it's present there too12:16
stekernin general getting a smaller test case would help12:17
wallentoyes, maybe we can reconstruct what actually happens, thanks for the moment12:18
stekernthis was what I tried:
stekernbut I couldn't get that to fail12:20
stekern...It *does* fail when I try to compile the real fiasco code thoough12:21
wallentoI got it to fail now13:04
wallentothe following switch creates the problem: -freg-struct-return13:04
wallentothis is the code:
wallentothis is my command line: or1k-linux-uclibc-g++ -c  -o test.o test.cpp -I../src/lib/libk -std=c++0x -freg-struct-return13:05
wallentoin mybuild13:06
wallentoThe SPARC port had the same issue:
wallentoso we can just remove the flag and it should work13:13
wallentostekern: thanks nevertheless!13:13
stekernwallento: ok, good that you found a workaround. I can take another look at fixing the actual problem with the extra info you provided13:44
olofkYes! I'm awesome again18:20
stekernolofk: hmm, I thought you already had toggled back to awesome18:32
olofkProbably a glitch somewhere18:35
stekernyeah, we *are* in different timezones, so maybe something got lost in the domain crossing18:36
stekernwhat's the reason behind these fluctations in your self-esteem btw?18:50
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