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shornepsychotrope: I dont know of any random hardware on openrisc socs.  But linux provides this 'drivers/char/random.c'01:04
shorneyou can read about  linux /dev/random01:04
psychotropeokay thanks01:05
shorneI am sure you could easily make one though, you can read about fpga/hdml random number generators01:06
shornei.e. forcing metastable state01:07
shorneor, attach some kind of sensors01:07
psychotropeor I could just dump good randoms into /dev/random01:07
psychotropeI have an old lava lamp project I could dust off and use for randoms01:08
shornewell /dev/random works off of a bunch of ransom events from all over the kernel like keypresses etc01:08
shorneso just hidding the keyboard would help add entropy01:09
psychotropeand btw: thanks to everyone on #openrisc.  people here have been really nice in helping noobs (like me) get started with openRISC01:09
psychotropeyeah, but looking at lavalamps is more sexy01:09
shorneit matters who is touching my keyboard ;)01:09
shorneolofk: stekern_: btw all our patched got merged upstream01:21
shorne(for linux)01:22
shorneI didn't honor most of Jonas's request let me know if you think any were things you were concerned with01:23
psychotropein, what is the differnece between "building it here" and "downloading the prebuilt library"01:30
psychotropeI think 2 or 3 steps off a "make *****-download" and a "make *****-build"01:31
psychotropecurious what the difference was01:31
huanyuI am playing with the virtio net via virtio MMIO with upstream QEMU with linux kernel with some minor change in the kernel and QEMU. I am able to get the virtio-net up and running. I am able to access the internet (wget file from but the problem is that starts to fail after few downloads and it behaves like a io stall. I did some search on the IRC, blueCmd has similar issue with QEMU virtio back in 2014-07-25. I am wonder01:45
huanyuing if anyone have a solution or found the cause of the problem.01:45
psychotropeI have or1ksim running, how do I compile programs and run them from linux in this case?02:08

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