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stekernpoke53281: where's/what the TTF directory that decker.ttf should be copied to?04:24
poke53281" /usr/share/fonts/X11/TTF/ "04:42
poke53281looks like he needs only one arbitrary font.04:42
poke53281just look in my filesystem.make file under xfonts04:52
poke53281It's still fascinating, that X works without fonts04:57
poke53281In one of the libraries must be a built-in font.04:57
stekernis there something more than just copying the font there that I need to do?05:24
poke53281No, normally not. The cache should be updated automatically.05:25
poke53281did you install fontconfit05:25
stekernpossibly not05:25
stekernI might not have after I wiped the sysroot05:25
poke53281fc-list or so is the command to show you the installed fonts05:26
stekernit returns an empty list05:26
poke53281Oh, that's bad05:27
poke53281look at the target xfontfs05:27
poke53281I create files with "0" in each folder.05:27
poke53281Maybe that's necessary05:27
poke53281That's normally the caching.05:28
poke53281try fc-cache05:28
poke53281and fc-scan05:28
stekernwhat was the problem with installing fonts?05:28
poke532811. They are too big. 2. The starting of X took extremely long with 100% cpu usage. 3. It crashed after a while05:29
poke53281Maybe the 32MB limit. Not sure05:29
poke53281Even the simplest fonts from "Linux from scratch" take 10MB05:30
stekernok, maybe that's what happened with my broken X install then05:30
stekernI think I installed fonts into that05:30
poke53281Maybe you have to wait very long. 3 minutes or longer05:31
poke53281Not what's the real cause for the font problem. But font managing is one the creepiest things I have seen in the Unix environment.05:32
poke53281I simply don't know how it works05:33
poke53281and I don't want05:33
stekernoops, I copied the decker.ttf to /usr/share/X11/TTF/ instead of /usr/share/fonts/X11/TTF/05:33
stekernyeah, I don't have the faintest idea ;)05:34
stekernnow it works05:34
poke53281My build environmnt is combination of linux from scratch, beyond linux from scratch, sabotage linux and buildroot and my own stuff.05:36
poke53281And that's how it looks like ;)05:36
stekernhaha, well, I like it05:37
poke53281I should separate more. Each program get it's own file.05:42
poke53281and maybe some dependencies.05:42
poke53281But when I develop, such depedencies are cumbersome05:43
stekerndillo works well and fast on real hw as well05:52
poke53281Yes, it's fantastic.05:52
poke53281I think I forgot to install a git library. Not sure, if gif images work in dillo05:52
poke53281probably the scripts I send you don't active ssl in dillo.05:56
poke53281"fluid" will also work05:59
poke53281this is a development helper for fltk05:59
poke53281I should try to compile webkit06:01
poke53281looks good. 8bpp?06:03
stekernI'm using 16bpp now06:04
poke53281This was a shortcut for "Hey, you did an upgrade!1!"06:07
stekernheh, well, it's just a matter of changing 2 numbers in the command line06:08
stekernand for prboom and scummvm, the 8bpp is better06:08
poke53281yes, I use 32 Bit. Should try to lower it06:09
stekerndoesn't dillo support cookies?06:15
stekernpoke53281: the freera I compiled myself worked better08:48
stekernbut yeah, how have they managed to make it so insanely resource hungry?08:55
poke53281stekern: filter and color conversions would be my guess14:44
poke53281I would say, this is a hack16:11
poke53281stekern: mmath.cpp:262:22: internal compiler error: in or1k_select_cc_mode, at config/or1k/or1k.c:34619:48
poke53281  return !std::isinf(x);19:48
poke53281maybe you have an idea.19:48
poke53281this is a check for infinite19:50
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