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poke53281sstekern: Indeed xcb-proto was at the wrong position00:56
sb0by the way, if someone feels like putting mor1kx on a serious diet, I have some budget for that03:57
poke53281stekern: freera works, but only with around two fps. And it does not like very stable.04:46
poke53281also it takes forever to load. But Ok, this is kind of expected. Around 30-40MB currently.04:47
poke53281But I guess that this freera version is not very optimized.04:48
poke53281Or they use floating point math04:50
poke53281toppler runs also with 2 fps. Damn, this is a remake of a game from the C64.05:24
poke53281Now I really wonder why prboom is so fast. Something in SDL?05:25
poke53281And dillo runs theoretical too. It starts, but complaints about missing fonts :)06:11
poke53281fluid from fltk has the same problem.06:11
poke53281Wow, this were productive 3 hours. Could compile and run 4 programs. Three of them really big.06:12
stekernpoke53281: and in the meanwhile, I haven't been able to compile a working X06:33
stekernI got mouse and kb working at the same time with your build though06:34
stekernthe only thing that I do differently is that I used xcb 1.10, maybe that's the problem06:36
heshamFYI: I am able to run some RTEMS applications successfully on or1ksim, verilator, icarus and qemu (with clock driver and UART console)12:25
heshamTwo issues: For QEMU can not it be renamed to qemu-system-or1k? And for Verilator, how can I manage the clock rate? It's too slow (like for ever) to run simple hello world RTEMS sample.12:27
stekernhesham: how do you mean manage the clock rate?12:55
heshamFor example I configure or1ksim to run at 100MHz, what clock rate does mor1kx-generic runs at?12:56
stekern50 MHz iirc12:57
heshamI got weird ASCII symbols from Verilator in result of running hello world character, can this be something related to the clock?12:58
heshamI configured the SW code to run at 100MHz12:58
stekernbut increasing that to 100 MHz (for instance) will not make verilator run faster12:58
stekernyes, that might be related12:59
heshamI just need to get the string character right, no matter it's slower or faster. I will build RTEMS again with 50MHz and see what I will get.12:59
stekernthis is the only place (AFAIK) where the 50 MHz assumption is made:
heshamFrom SW I have to set the baud rate with an equation including Clock frequency, but even with 50MHz I got the same behavior. RTEMS app is 32MB memory map and from OpenOCD/GDB, it reaches the end of the program as expected.13:15
heshamThis is what I got from Verilator: "�������..."13:15
olofkLooking for some basic info on the or1k arch.I know I have had slides that tells it's load/store, 32-bit, and describes the ISA classes, but I can't find them13:36
poke53281stekern: I think I forgot to tell you a tiny detail.14:24
poke53281I have never run X in the sysroot.14:24
poke53281The problem is, what you install and what I don't. I don't install any fonts or encodings.14:25
poke53281If I install a font, the booting of X takes forever.14:26
poke53281The best way would be, to make a sysroot out of those .tar.bz2 files. That's the only tested way.14:27
poke53281But I have to solve the font problem anyhow. Otherwise dillo won't start.14:28
poke53281You should also take a look in filesystem.make. Sometimes there are also some necessary patches included, like copying of files, touching files and directories.14:30
poke53281I exchange startx with my own file for example.14:30
poke53281and the starting script forthe X desktop is in /etc14:30
poke53281I should change my script in order to make the sysroot consistent with jor1k.  But at the moment this is just a tar -xvjf *.tar.bz2 away14:32
poke53281Ahh, finally *dillo* works15:21
poke53281and not that slow15:21
stekernpoke53281: SDL under X works fine at least (e.g. scummvm)16:54
poke53281is it faster than the direct framebuffer solution?17:12
poke53281Dillo is really fast. Definitely usable.17:13
poke53281I have updated my official version one minute ago17:13
stekernit's probably about as fast17:17
poke53281the solution to the font problem is btw to copy any small font in the TTF directory.17:21
poke53281Then, everything works.17:21
poke53281for example decker.ttf from directfb17:21
stekern(dillo) that's pretty cool, running a browser in a browser ;)17:22
poke53281I had this before with "links -g" But dillo is a little bit better.17:22
poke53281firefox is still far away. :(17:23
stekerndo you have a nice recipe for it?17:24
poke53281links or firefox?17:24
poke53281or do you mean dillo?17:25
poke53281yes, one moment. You will get brand new build scripts. No dri problem anymore :=17:25
stekerndid you get to the bottom of the 'glibc' problem?17:26
poke53281well, I compile with static libgcc. So far it works very good.17:26
poke53281so, all files updated17:30
poke53281you have to install fltk and dillo17:30
poke53281I made also changes everywhere. Updated some X libraries and so on17:31
poke53281Look in the readme17:31
poke53281But if you just want to run dillo, look at fltk and dillo17:31
poke53281part in X.make17:31
poke53281fltk is a little bit tricky17:32
poke53281I haven't wrote an sed line yet.17:33
stekernpoke53281: I needed this for prboom: --with-sdl-prefix=$(PWD)/sysroot/usr17:33
poke53281It's written in X.make17:34
poke53281you have to remove "test" somewhere in the makefile17:34
poke53281stekern: That's possible. I have changed my sdl-config file in the global-scope because of another game.17:35
poke53281but I added the line17:36
poke53281You have to remove "test" from Makefile DIRS variable in fltk17:41
poke53281sed -i 's@fluid test documentation@fluid documentation@' Makefile17:48
poke53281This should do it17:48
stekernpoke53281: why did you use scons for freera++?17:53
poke53281because this was the first I saw in the folder :)17:53
poke53281Then I tried to change to the Makefile. But sdl makes problems I think17:54
poke53281if you just want to try I would suggest you take it from my packages folder17:55
poke53281Before you try it by your own17:55
poke53281you start with /usr/share/games/freera/freera17:55
stekernI get a "Bus error" after "Loading pallete: SNOW18:05
poke53281Didn't check for alignment18:05
stekernwhen I try to start freera18:05
poke53281maybe you can remove snow.mix18:06
poke53281not all .mix files are necessary18:08
poke53281Is is an alignment issue?18:09
stekernno, bus error is bus error18:09
stekernmaybe it doesn't like my screen setup with 640x480-818:10
poke53281change freecnc.ini18:10
poke53281I changed 480 to 400 for my framebuffer18:11
poke53281The standard is 16 bpp. This can be also changed in that file.18:11
stekernok, I'll poke at that and try with -1618:11
poke53281I can prove that it works for me :)18:17
stekernI believe you ;)18:19
stekernfluxbox works here18:19
poke53281at the momen I am fine with twm. Verz easy and it loads fast.18:19
stekernbut pressing xterm in the menu didn't work18:20
poke53281works, without problems18:20
stekernwell, fluxbox has a special place in my heart, I used that "for real" for many years18:21
poke53281if you can reduce to loaded size to let's say two MB then I will install it here18:22
stekernah, well that's not a problem in my setup ;)18:22
poke53281When I start X the memory is also already pretty full.18:23
poke53281the normal install size is 4.1MB18:24
poke53281for fluxbox I mean18:25
poke53281the language part takes 1.2MB18:26
poke53281By the way. Dillo already started on blueCmds Debian port. So I am not the first.18:28
poke53281stekern: fluxbox works here too. But it looks like. But he seems to fail to read everything. I get a white screen and a few workspaces18:38
poke53281do you have config files.18:39
poke53281fluxbox behaves in the worst way when the window is too large for the screen.18:42
poke53281the title bar is somewhere above the screen and I see the bottom of the window18:43
stekernno, I don't have any config files18:43
stekernalt+left mouse and drag the window?18:43
poke53281Yes, that seems to work18:44
poke53281Ok lunchtime. And then I will find out what the guy did who managed it that a port of an old C64 game runs only with 2 fps.18:53
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poke53281stekern. might be that openra was compiled with hard float21:57
poke53281should I reccompile it?21:57
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