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olofk_Are the mailing list archives searchable somehow?06:08
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olofkWhat the fuck is wrong with that stupid eetimes comment section? I managed to post half a reply, and now I just get 403 errors07:48
olofkGreat. I got one more paragraph posted now07:52
olofkFuck it. I give up now08:00
juliusb_interesting chat on the eetimes article11:29
juliusb_I agree olofk, there wasn't much noise made about RISC-V until now11:29
juliusb_and that wilco1 guy seems like he works at ARM? (claiming he suggested a few thumb2 instructions?)11:29
olofkjuliusb_: Yes, Mr wilco1 is definitely making money from ARM somehow :)13:22
Stmano/ ysionneau13:24
ysionneauhi Stman !14:12
poke53282blueCmd: Thanks to virtio/9p I could implement some new interesting features to jor1k. Look at my test page.
poke53282Especially the upload, download and sync buttons16:51
poke53282It is still buggy.16:53
blueCmd_poke53282: cool :)17:07
poke53282I wonder, what would be other useful features, that I can do with the filesystem. I can make the whole filesystem accessible via jstree library. But then I run out of space :)17:32
poke53282unfortunately, with the new kernel the network is not working ... again.17:55
poke53282"Error at undefined:undefined: undefined" <- I love Microsoft error messages18:23
blueCmd_poke53282: pretty sure something is undefined21:38
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