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blueCmd_stekern: that's fine, if you send me a pull request I'll merge it01:18
blueCmd_ you have to give IBM that they like colors at least01:18
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stekernblueCmd_: I found a fencing error too07:48
stekernbut apart from that, I can read and write all addresses07:48
stekernlinux doesn't boot at all with 1G enabled, and behaves irratically with 512MB enabled08:14
stekernhmm, I get a feeling that the iomaps and the RAM mapping into kernel space somehow step on each other when ram > 25612:30
poke53282Below 2GB this should not happen. Did you implement an A31 gate accidentally?19:00
tariq786i am looking for  Stefan Kristiansson or anyone who can answer a few questions about HDMI support in Openrisc19:06
stekernthat would be me19:08
tariq786hi stekern19:09
tariq786i am not able to find the place where you have added HDMI support19:10
tariq786can you help me with that?19:10
tariq786i am talking about verilog code19:10
stekerntariq786: the only thing related to hdmi is hacking up a xilinx whitepaper to connect it to this core,vga_lcd19:15
stekernpoke53282: A31 gate?19:16
tariq786stekern: says19:19
tariq786stekern: Support for frame buffer output on the Atlys boards HDMI output have been added.19:19
tariq786It was achieved by using the OpenCores VGA/LCD 2.0 core and hooking it up to a modified version of Xilinx xapp495 (
tariq786stekern: i am not able to find where you have connected Xilinx Xapp495 to VGA19:20
stekernok, that's three years ago, but the code is here nowdays:
stekernI should rip out that hack, but my atlys board is broken19:21
tariq786stekern: thanks. That looks useful. Let me check that out and get back to you in case of more questions19:24
stekernsure, no problem19:24
poke53282stekern: Just a small connection to this one:
poke53282Where you could control the 20th bit of the address line via the keyboard controller.19:38
stekernah, right19:51
stekernbut I was probably wrong about the 256MB19:55
stekernup to 0x3fffc000 bytes of ram works, then it start to step on the fixed mappings19:55
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