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daliasstekern, any news on musl port?05:03
stekerndalias: not much, I was away travelling all last week so haven't had time to polish it05:22
stekernI'll probably find a couple of time slots to work on it this week though05:23
_franck_stekern: thanks, I'll try it05:44
stekern_franck_: be sure to report back, I only compile tested it...06:05
stekern_franck__: yes, don't use headers from jonas repo07:09
stekernuse upstream headers (I'll update the build notes)07:10
_franck__ah ok, thanks07:10
stekernhmm, lemme check...07:14
stekern_franck__: are you sure you have upstream headers?07:15
_franck__well, I have reinstalled them from my upstream repo and thing have changed from the first pastie to the second07:16
stekernif you look in libc/sysdeps/linux/common/fstat.c, the path where kbuf is used shouldn't be used07:17
stekern(i.e. __NR_fstat should not be defined)07:18
stekernmaybe you need to do a distclean (or similar) to start from scratch07:19
stekernsince iirc, uclibc generates it own headers from the unistd header07:20
_franck__you're right greping the sources to find __NR_fstat shows me openrisc don't define it07:21
_franck__I'll try to clean this07:21
stekernso... did you install the headers with: ARCH=openrisc make INSTALL_HDR_PATH=${SYSROOT}/usr headers_install07:38
stekernthat you'll find __NR_fstat in usr/include/asm-generic/unistd.h is normal07:41
stekernit doesn't mean that it'll be used07:41
stekernthe file you want to check is the autogenerated include/bits/sysnum.h in the uclibc builddir07:42
_franck__it works now, after a distclean (I didn't distclean after I re-install good headers)07:45
_franck__sorry for the noise07:45
_franck__and now Linux upstream is happy and runs my busybox07:59
stekernthanks for testing08:04
olofkkiwichris: Did someone pick up the OpenRISC rtems port. Haven't been following the news in that area11:52
kiwichrisyes there is someone working on this11:52
olofkCool. How's it going? Can I see any status somewhere? Mainly curious11:53
kiwichrisWe have a set of tools building via the RTEMS Source builder.11:54
kiwichrisThe next phase of the cpu and BSP support for the kernel11:55
olofkCool. That's good to hear11:59
_franck__git log12:10
olofkfatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git12:21
_franck__ah shit12:22
olofkJesus! And I thought the arduino clones were cheap
rah  Xilinx FPGA firmware download module (GS_FPGABOOT) [N/m/y/?] (NEW)13:28
rahq'est que c'est?13:28
_franck__rah: je ne sais pas :) Et je ne savais que que tu étais francais13:32
rahje ne suis pas français mais j'ai un peu de la langue13:35
_franck__ok, where are you living ?13:35
rahaussi, j'ai un nouveau colocataire français si la langue est actualisée en moi :-)13:36
rahI live in the UK13:36
sb0"Low Cost Alternative to Samples" "The CY8CKIT-049 Prototyping Kits serve as a low cost alternative to customers looking to sample PSoC 4 devices."13:36
sb0not exactly the same model as arduino ...13:37
_franck__rah: I see, I'm living in France13:38
rah_franck__: haha!  land of the fascists! ;-)13:38
_franck__pffff :)13:39
ysionneauplease don't say that13:45
ysionneauit's too true to be said13:45
ysionneaueven if I think "land of the retards" would be more appropriate13:45
olofkysionneau: We got quite a few retards here in Sweden as well. The xenophobic party here got almost 10% of the votes. The fun part however is that they can't find any friend parties in the EU because they are either too racist or not enough racist :)13:51
ysionneauolofk: funny as well in France, the extreme right party which is against any EU stuff and wants to "leave EU" and close the borders, .... they wanted as well to rule in the EU parliament13:52
olofkrah: I think that kernel option is for the Zync FPGAs so you can program the FPGA from the embedded ARMs13:52
ysionneauand they got a lot of deputies13:52
ysionneaubut they want to leave EU? ... ok13:52
olofkStrange things are happening :(13:53
raholofk: ah!13:53
_franck__they all want money. Do you know how much you get paid to get their and do nothing ? Give them 2500€ and you'll see how much candidate you'll get13:54
olofkrah: And of course Xilinx and Altera can't agree on a common way to do that :)13:54
raholofk: well naturally ;-)13:54
sb0ysionneau, want to move to Hong Kong? :)13:55
ysionneauno xenophobic party over there?13:55
sb0let's find out13:55
_franck__sb0: are you living there ? I saw your company head quarter is there13:56
sb0in 1.5 months I will. need to sort out EHSM and visit NIST before.13:56
olofksb0: Well, please tell us if it's Shangri-La over there then :)13:57
stekernthere are retards in Finland as well, the finns party got all to many votes...14:41
stekernotoh, the trend in sweden of being political correct in absurdum from the "non-xenophobic" side is a bit tiresome as well14:46
sb0at least you didn't get tons of protests (not any protest at all afair) when you legalized gay marriage. France didn't miss that opportunity to be ridiculous again...14:52
stekernheh, yeah, get me right, legalizing gay marriage is far from what I call political correctness in absurdum ;)15:02
stekernI'm more referring to this sort of things:
stekernnot sweden, but the trend of completely erasing he and she from the language because it might upset people not identifying with either of the genuses is in the same league IMO15:10
sb0"Quick heads up: This made it to 4chan and various other troll places"15:11
sb0what should we use for soc buses? initiator/target?15:25
stekerntarget? that sounds offensive ;)15:36
rah"harmonious uniform bus entity that acts"/"harmonious uniform bus entity that accepts action"15:39
ysionneauHUBETA / HUBETAA15:41
blueCmdstekern: not the debian glibc no15:41
blueCmdstekern: that uses upstream linux15:41
stekernblueCmd: good15:42
jtdesousa_franck_: you were right uint32 was being written in the wrong byte order in gmon.out16:02
jtdesousathis fixes the problem for openrisc16:03
jtdesousaI wonder if it messes up other arches16:03
_franck_jtdesousa: great16:57
jtdesousanow I am getting confused on how to submit the patch17:05
jtdesousaI think I got openocd from another source17:06
jtdesousaand this zylin stuff is confusing17:06
jtdesousaalready registered though17:06
_franck_did you read this ^ ?17:10
jtdesousaI will17:13
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_franck_stekern: I build a all new toolchain home and now I get:
_franck_I'm not good at compiling toolchains today :(20:46
_franck_enough for tonight20:46
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_franck_ok, it uses or1k-elf instead of or1k-linux20:54
stekern_franck_: you should use or1k-linux-uclibc for uclibc21:09
stekern(there's some small differences, but I can't recall what)21:09
stekernblueCmd: after a long smp-patch diet, it's time for a feast!21:15
stekernthe missing cross-cpu tlb flush routines was what was causing crashes21:18
stekernit's not completely bug-free yet though ;)21:19
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