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olofkExcellent. Looks like everyone has been nice and quiet. I was worried about having to spend the rest of the day looking at back logs.11:12
stekernolofk: yes, we were afraid to upset you, so we've kept quiet11:32
olofkstekern: Just what I hoped to hear :)11:46
_franck__git branhc12:03
_franck__olofk: do you want me to close pull request #41 on fusesoc ?13:46
_franck__I was about to clean my branches and found it13:47
ysionneauwhere are the verilog files ? :)15:00
jtdesousaI have managed openocd to output wht looks like profile info16:48
jtdesousahowever, if I compile the elf with the -pg option16:51
jtdesousaand run it on the board16:51
jtdesousawhile getting the profile info using openocd16:51
jtdesousathen when I try to open the file with or1k-elf-gprof elffile gmon.out16:52
jtdesousait says gmon.out has unsuppoterted format16:52
jtdesousait says gmon.out has unsupported format16:52
jtdesousaif I compile the same program on the PC16:54
jtdesousaand run it it produces a good gmon.out file16:54
jtdesousawhat is interesting is that gprof and or1k-elf-gprof seem to be the same16:55
jtdesousaif I do something stupid like gprof program_compiled_on_PC gmon.out_produced by openOCD then  it does not crash but of course does not dsiplay the statistics16:57
jtdesousadoes this make sense to anybody ?16:57
olofk_franck_: I like the functionality of the patch, but there are several issues with the exception handling. I planned to write a response to that, but forgot about it17:36
olofkstekern: Thanks for the de0_fixes review. I've replied to your comments18:34
stekernyup, I saw your coc18:41
stekernthis is driving me crazy, I can reliably crash dual-core on de0 nano, but however hard I try, I can't reproduce in verilator19:26
stekernI'm fairly certain that it's still related to the atomic instructions and snooping, and I've created an isolated testcase that use the spinlocks from the kernel and really hammer them19:29
stekernbut I can't reproduce the behaviour I see in the kernel on the board19:30
stekernthe only thing that might differ is memory latencies, so I've added that to the ram_wb model...19:31
stekern...that makes the verilator simulation fabously slow19:31
stekernI'm on a +8 hour run now and it's still going strong...19:32
stekerncrash, dammit, crash!19:32
_franck_when this one is accepted , we'll finally have a progress bar while loading a file with openocd19:58
_franck_and we won't have this "does it work ??" moment anymore :)19:58
_franck_anyone can confirm upstream openocd is still working after that: ?20:45
jtdesousaand I am going crazy trying to read the gmon.out produced by openocd into gprof20:46
_franck_openocd still works :)20:55
_franck_jtdesousa: you had to fix openocd to make "profile" work on openrisc right ? a segfault somewhere IIRC20:57
jtdesousathat is fixed20:58
jtdesousanow it already produces the file20:58
_franck_I would says gmon.out from openocd is wrong and you should check its format at hex level20:58
jtdesousathat's what I am doing with emacs20:58
_franck_good luck :)20:58
jtdesousathanks :-)20:59
jtdesousathanks for the tip of it may be wrong20:59
_franck_and then feel free to push your patch to openocd20:59
jtdesousaon github?21:00
_franck_you can also ask help here: #openocd or on the mailing list21:01
_franck_to know if someone has ever tested this feature21:01
jtdesousaOk I'll try that21:01
_franck_stekern: do you know what's the differences between jonas tree and the vanilla one ? I mean at arch/ level. Why my busybox works with our tree and not with the vanilla one ?21:04
stekern_franck_: hmm... in his master branch, I think the only thing is the additional syscalls that are missing in the old uclibc we have21:09
_franck_ok thanks, I'll try to add that21:10
stekernwe should just sync our uclibc and he can get rid of those...21:11
stekernor you could try the musl port ;)21:12
_franck_sure, if you tell me how to build my toolchain21:13
stekernthose are the ones that differ21:13
stekernblueCmd: btw, with what kernel headers are you compiling glibc?22:00
stekernnot the ones from this I hope?
stekern_franck_: if you want to test, I synced uclibc and pushed it:
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