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stekernthese smp crashes are true heisenbugs now, an insertion of one single instruction made the crash I was able to produce in verilator go away05:11
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knz /1412:10
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poke53281blueCmd: Did you read what I said about the noflags-cpu? Might be interesting for you to speed things up.18:48
blueCmdpoke53281: Yeah, I've been busy - sorry :)19:09
blueCmdI'm not going to be super-active in the 2 coming weeks19:09
poke53281No problem.19:14
poke53281I have to find a way to compress my 200MB Debian environment to 10MB-20MB, so that I can put as an alternative image into jor1k.19:18
poke53281Looks impossible right now.19:19
blueCmdyou can blast away /usr/share in big parts and strip a lot of binaries19:23
poke53281The binaries are not stripped in the debian packages?19:24
blueCmdpoke53281: they should be19:26
blueCmdbut they might not be19:26
blueCmda lot of the packages aren't built super "kosher"19:27
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