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sb0how good is feb-2013 OpenRISC LLVM?08:26
sb0I need to use it with llvmpy, and it's not compatible with the latest version08:27
sb0well nevermind... llvmpy *also* breaks with the old version08:49
sb0this llvm stuff starts to get on my nerves. I might end up generating C and calling GCC instead.08:49
sb0that and tblgen segfaults. f**k that.08:59
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stekernI never used llvmpy, what does it do?09:20
stekernin the sense, how does it utilize llvm?09:20
sb0it's just a python to llvm binding... which has problems keeping up with the everchanging LLVM APIs...09:25
stekernah, I see, so you actually *need* an older version09:26
stekern...or perhaps rather, a precise version that is API compatible...09:27
sb0what a pain09:27
sb0also, tblgen now segfaults for some reason when trying to build the lm32 backend, so it seems llvm == pain09:28
sb0i.e. if I choose llvm over gcc, lm32 compat will be costly09:29
sb0how bad is that?
sb0stuff like Pointer32 seems to have been completely renamed09:47
sb0and also I'm pretty sure that issues like that will pop up every second month or so with llvm09:50
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olofk_I think I have come up with a slightly better way than running sed on fusesoc.in12:35
olofk_I'll add an extra module where I can keep all autoconf transformations, like version, python path and stuff like that.12:36
olofk_oh... but where should I put that...? Doh!12:37
olofk_I should just install everything to C:\12:37
MortvertOh hello.17:45
MortvertHow do you even change a resolution in openrisc on raspberry pi? I can't read the fonts due to my monitor being smaller than resolution, making fonts unreadable17:54
stekernMortvert: that question raises more counter questions than answers17:58
Mortvertstekern - for some reason, whenever I boot my pi up the screen resolution is widescreentype like 1900xsomething or whatever and it was making my everything unreadable18:45
MortvertI know how to change resolution now but still don't know how to make 800x600 stick18:45
veprblMortvert: what is the relation between openrisc and raspberry pi?18:54
Mortvertveprbl - unless I got wrong channel..
stekernMortvert: sorry, you're in the wrong channel. we're all about openrisc, an open CPU architecture.19:07
MortvertOh. Welp.19:08
stekerndon't worry, an honest mistake19:08
stekerncool, busybox compiled against musl seems to work fine19:26
olofk_stekern: Nice. I'm reading more and more about musl, so it's nice to have support for it already19:26
poke53281do we need another libc? What benefits has musl in comparison to uClibC?22:02
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