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blueCmdpoke53281: weird. im otherwise preoccupied this weekend so I cannot help you debug that, but my recommendation would be to try to use (and not if you use that) - also it isn't super-bad if some things fail to set up, it will often work just fine (although I haven't had problems with initscripts before)00:10
poke53281thanks. blueCmd. I will play a little bit around with it.00:12
poke53281the list of software you could compile is quite impressive00:18
poke53281you were able to compile chromium?00:24
poke53281In case you find a free minute01:08
poke53281Now it works. I think I applied the hacks before starting the second-stage. But I played also a little with apt-get.01:29
poke53281at the moment I am a little bit puzzled about you qemu compilation.02:03
poke53281You exchanged the cpu list in a way, that the or1200-noflags cpu is the primary one. Am I right?02:04
poke53281blueCmd: I am getting more and more impressed. Looks like you managed to compile 30240 packages.02:20
poke53281xterm is even working :) . But wget is missing :(02:20
poke53281You compiled everything within the QEMU environment?02:22
poke53281glxgears runs with 3.2 FPS.02:26
stekernpoke53281: wget is compiled, but it's in some 'other' place03:41
stekern(don't ask me, I'm as confused about how the packages are spread out)03:41
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poke53281stekern: Thanks.  wget is installing04:41
poke53281the web browser dillo works too.04:46
poke53281let's see when we can start the first Java program and some real web browser.05:04
olofkHaha. Chromium, glxgears and java. This is getting a bit insane :)05:39
olofkDoes it run Crysis? ;)05:40
poke53281glxgears runs already.05:56
poke53281Java might run. But I am not sure if they support targets without a native Java backend05:59
poke53281I am not sure if the Javascript  engines compile already. Probably not. I would try webkit first.06:03
poke53281I think QT should compile. And then we have also KDE.06:04
poke53281Indeed, Crysis is a little bit insane right now ;)06:06
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poke53281blueCmd: I have checked a few things. You should try to start QEMU with the option -cpu or1200-noflags.19:25
poke53281It will definitely speedup things.19:26
poke53281Must be compiled statically. This is the best solution I have found. binfmt does not support options and I cannot start a script without ending in an infinite loop.19:35
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