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stekernblueCmd: max 403:46
stekernI'm having some ideas about using the sockit, it has a lot bigger fpga03:50
stekernto give a rough estimate, mor1kx is ~2500 ALMs and the FPGA have ~40000 of them03:52
stekernso perhaps you could squeze in 8 on that03:54
stekern...the said thing about the sockit is of course that it doesn't have ethernet03:55
stekernit's directly connected to the ARM03:55
stekernso I'll need to create a bridge ethernet device03:56
stekernshouldn't be that hard though03:57
blueCmdI played like 5 minutes with or32-system in qemu and I'm really excited08:57
blueCmdI didn't even know that worked, and it's blazingly fast!08:57
stekernwhy did you think I was saying stuff like "yes, but that will only work for qemu-user" when you posted the l.lwa/l.swa patch? ;)09:26
stekernwe should provide an optimized version of this btw:
stekernI've got a vcd capture of that, and it's ~400 cycles09:28
blueCmdstekern: your statement is true even if -system doesn't work ;)09:33
olofkqemu-system, is that with guest arch kernel space as well?10:34
olofk_franck_: Just push the neek port if you're happy with it10:35
olofkstekern: Jesus christ. What the hell happened in #opencores? Just read a weird back log10:42
olofkHard to tell if it was a bot or someone with multiple personalities10:42
stekernyeah, I saw that stekern guy in there too, he seemed mighty crazy!10:48
inigomI'm fancing a problem using fusesoc12:20
inigomI have written this command12:21
inigomfusesoc sim --force de0_nano --elf-load ../tests/icarus_test/hello --vcd12:21
inigombut icarus is not working12:21
inigomCompiling /home/inigom/Desktop/pinksoc/build-fusesoc/build/de0_nano/src/elf-loader/elf-loader.c...12:22
inigomCompiling /home/inigom/Desktop/pinksoc/build-fusesoc/build/de0_nano/src/elf-loader/vpi_wrapper.c...12:22
inigomMaking elf-loader.vpi from  elf-loader.o vpi_wrapper.o...12:22
inigomCompiling /home/inigom/Desktop/pinksoc/build-fusesoc/build/de0_nano/src/jtag_vpi/jtag_vpi.c...12:22
inigomMaking jtag_vpi.vpi from  jtag_vpi.o...12:22
inigom/home/inigom/Desktop/pinksoc/build-fusesoc/build/de0_nano/src/wb_intercon/wb_mux.v:56: syntax error12:22
inigomI give up.12:22
inigom/home/inigom/Desktop/pinksoc/build-fusesoc/build/de0_nano/src/mor1kx/bench/verilog/mor1kx_monitor.v:42: Include file test-defines.v not found12:22
stekernsimulation of the de0_nano system isn't supported yet12:24
inigomok thanks12:24
inigomwhich one can I use??12:25
stekernyou can use mor1k-generic or or1200-generic for simulations12:25
mafmblueCmd: did you see that
inigomAlso reporting the same error with or1200-generic and mor1kx-sim12:31
inigomCompiling /home/inigom/Desktop/pinksoc/build-fusesoc/build/mor1kx-generic/src/elf-loader/elf-loader.c...12:31
inigomCompiling /home/inigom/Desktop/pinksoc/build-fusesoc/build/mor1kx-generic/src/elf-loader/vpi_wrapper.c...12:31
inigomMaking elf-loader.vpi from  elf-loader.o vpi_wrapper.o...12:31
inigomCompiling /home/inigom/Desktop/pinksoc/build-fusesoc/build/mor1kx-generic/src/jtag_vpi/jtag_vpi.c...12:31
inigomMaking jtag_vpi.vpi from  jtag_vpi.o...12:31
inigom/home/inigom/Desktop/pinksoc/build-fusesoc/build/mor1kx-generic/src/wb_intercon/wb_mux.v:56: syntax error12:31
inigomI give up.12:31
inigomERROR: Failed to build simulation model12:31
inigomERROR: Failed to compile Icarus Simulation model12:31
blueCmdmafm: I did yes, thanks!12:33
stekerninigom: please use
stekernthe error itself is because you have an old version of icarus that doesn't support vectored parameters12:36
stekernI thought we fixed that though...12:36
stekernmaybe it was a similar error somewhere else12:37
mafmblueCmd: do you have any idea if 3, 4 or other is the right value?13:21
blueCmdmafm: I see no reason why it couldn't be 313:23
blueCmdand it probably should (less is better from what I can tell)13:23
mafmblueCmd: I don't know why all of them have 4 except __arm__ or __mips__ which have 313:30
mafmperhaps other people here know for sure?  I can not even explain very well what it means13:30
blueCmdit's the structure alignment, I don't see why they would require 4, but we can certainly use 313:51
blueCmdmafm: did you see that libsdl1.2 built by itself in wannabuild? :)13:52
mafmblueCmd: no, didn't see that... but it's great news: over 400 rdeps :-)14:31
ambrohi, i discovered, that some of the links in the wiki don't work anymore. (e.g. the ftp server refuses connections). any ideas who is responsible / I should contact?15:13
blueCmdambro: which links?15:17
ambro<-- quickly changing location (back in 10 minutes)15:19
blueCmdLoneTech: is that something you can poke someone for? ^^^^15:20
inigomStekern: Finally I was able to simulate with or1200-generic15:27
inigomthe point is that if i compile the program to run with the option -g15:28
inigomit doesn't work15:28
inigombut if you omit this15:28
inigomit works15:28
inigomBTW you're right, i had to install icarus from git15:29
inigomIf you try to execute the bin compiled with the option -g, I have obtained the next error15:30
inigomor1200_monitor : OR1200 crash detected (suspected CPU PC corruption)15:30
blueCmdmafm: I'm making good progress in transitioning the wanna-build environment to full VMs15:41
blueCmdit's going to be slower but should do almost perfect emulation of the CPU15:41
blueCmdso tests and pthreads should work just fine15:41
blueCmduh-ooh, this is sloow17:34
ambroi'm still trying to get the toolchain, which fails sadly:20:39
ambrogit submodule update --init20:40
ambroCloning into 'linux'...20:40
ambroremote: aborting due to possible repository corruption on the remote side.20:40
ambrofatal: early EOF20:40
ambrofatal: index-pack failed20:40
ambroClone of 'git://' into submodule path 'linux' failed20:40
olofkInteresting with the PC corruption. Would like to get that test case20:45
olofkCan't reproduce it here20:45
olofkWith a hello world20:45
olofkon or1200-generic20:45
stekernambro: use the toolchain from github21:16
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