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LimbAnyone know the interface i should be using with the digilent nexys4 on openocd?01:14
stekernblueCmd: \o/ we got to get to running a more estethical window manager than twm though ;)02:50
stekernLimb: have you tried googling 'xilinx bscan'02:50
stekernthat's what they call their internal thingy02:51
Limbstekern: yea. it took a while to figure it out but i got it haha03:53
Limbgot it booted, and i think jtag works03:53
Limbbut now i need to get a program to upload to verify lol03:54
stekernwow, that's cool, it'll be a nice addition to have support for that03:55
LimbDon't take it for granted. I have a bit file to upload, and jtag that i dont know works haha03:55
stekernah, well, you're onto it, so it will eventually03:56
stekernfor a simple program to load, there's _franck_'s infamous led_blink:
stekernyou'll find the source there too04:00
blueCmdLimb: yep, openrisc (in qemu but still)08:02
blueCmdstekern: ah, ok - i thought people liked twm09:08
blueCmdstekern: might be more your fluffy taste09:08
stekernis it fluxbox?09:24
stekernso, I still recognize it after 10 years of absence from it ;)09:28
blueCmdi like fluxbox, simplicity09:30
stekernyes, simple yet powerful09:34
stekernI think it was one of the first window managers that had any notion of tabs09:34
stekernthis was before it even existed in browser09:34
maxpalnHi all - looking for some advise on the Linux DTS file setting for a macronix SPI flash12:37
maxpalnmy existing one is for an STMicro SPi flash and has the following setting:12:37
maxpalncompatible = "stm, m25p64";12:38
maxpalnAnyone know where I can find the right settings for a Macronix SPI Flash?12:38
maxpalnactually - looking at it the instruction set is identical and the command sequence is the same so unless anyone knows of a good reason to change I'll stick with the current setting -12:49
maxpalnparticuarly given that I had a quick look in drivers/mtd/devices and I couldn't see anything that looked familiar.12:50
tnullhwhello, is it easy to get an openrisc computer?16:24
tnullhwlike, can I build a computer from openrisc cpu (on asic? on fpga), attach there some DDR3 memory, USB ports, VGA/DVI/HDMI, SATA hdd and run this in place of PC, with linux debian on it?16:25
tnullhwor is above still distant future16:26
olofkblueCmd: I see "Refusing to initialize GTK+". Seems like your system is a bit picky with which software it will run :)18:11
blueCmdolofk: pff19:41
blueCmdolofk: it just needed some motivation19:41
Limbfor gpio slave, datawidth=8 but size =219:54
Limbthe width means 8 bits, so 8 pins correct?19:54
Limbwhat does the size refer to then19:54
_franck_size = address range19:55
Limbah ok19:56
stekernthe or1ksim code is harder to grasp than I had expected20:00
stekernat least the code generator20:00
olofkstekern: I tried to hack on that to get rid of some GCC warnings20:02
stekernI need it to let me set a register that is in a different spot than normally...20:05
stekernI think I give up on trying to get the code generator to grasp that and I'll just sidestep it20:16, I still need to get it to grasp it20:24
stekernah, I think it does now20:34
stekernso, I've got l.lwa/l.swa support in binutils and or1ksim now20:35
stekerntime to write some tests to see if it works too ;)20:35
stekernolofk: you mean all the 'unused a, b, c'?20:37
stekernthe problem wih those is that the generator have no idea what the 'INSTRUCTION' definition will do with them20:39
stekernthe best we can do to suppress the warnings would be to add the 'unused' attribute to them20:41
olofkstekern: IIRC I found a way to remove some of them, but gave up after a while21:06
olofkMaybe it would make sense to rewrite that code generator. Python is the first thing that comes to mind21:06
_franck_stekern: when I enable the frame buffer with video=ocfb:800x600-16@60, I can see the boot on vga then nothing. Do I need to configure something else to get the vga console to clone exactly what's on uart console ?21:50
_franck_I mean I would like to see the prompt on the vga console21:50
_franck_ah may be in my init script21:56
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