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blueCmdtclStrToD.c also crashes00:04
olofstekern: Just saw the pull request for an ISE backend. Guess what I've been doing the last couple of days :)09:41
stekernyou need to keep more monologues about what you're doing09:52
stekernfollow me, I'll show you how it's done ;)09:53
olofThere are some nice features in your version. I'll probably have to merge our versions a bit09:57
stekernyeah, I don't think double effort is a waste of time in all cases10:00
stekernare we double efforting the atlys port too, or have you been working against another board port (or none at all)10:02
olofNo, I've been working on my lx9 microboard10:03
olofDecided to put a mor1kx on it10:04
stekernah, ok10:05
olofI'm also considering using your wb_fifo approach for UART communication. It's a small FPGA and the uart16550 core is fucking huge10:05
stekernyou can use the eco32-uart10:07
olofstekern: cool10:07
stekernit's small and there is even a Linux driver for it10:07
olofDo you have a .core for it?10:08
olofWith a wishbone IF?10:09
stekern(linux driver) out of tree of course:
stekernah, wishbone, right:
stekernI started doing a bus converter, but since it was as simple as that, I let it be10:11
olofI can see why :)10:11
olofoh well. Time to get off the train10:16
stekernise is not the sharpest tool in the box... it got two clock constraints mixed up since there happened to be a clock signal with the same name in two different modules10:22
stekern(completely unrelated clock signals, I might add)10:23
analognoisehowdy all17:51
blueCmdstekern: wouldn't you specify the full (or partial) path of the signal?18:31
stekernblueCmd: I would and I do... ISE doesn't get any more clever from that19:57
stekernperhaps it got confused since both signals were connected to IBUFs19:58
stekernI just renamed one of the signals in the design19:59
stekern_franck__: do you have a command line to share to launch openocd with adv_debug_sys and a ft2232 jtag device?20:01
_franck__does your interface have a config file in ./tcl/interface/ftdi ?20:03
stekernno, but I copied the orsoc-jtag.cfg from juliusb's old repo into ./tcl/interface/20:03
_franck__so just change -f ./tcl/interface/altera... to your new config file20:04
_franck__and make sure you have ft2232 support enabled when you ./configure openocd20:05
_franck__this driver should not be used anymore. It now uses ftdi driver and ft2232 interfaces might be converted to ftdi (it is just a matter of converting the configuration file)20:06
stekernah, right... I had an old command line with the altera-dev, couldn't figure out how to substitute taht20:07
stekernbut this is what should be used now, right? sudo ./src/openocd -s ./tcl -f ./tcl/interface/altera-usb-blaster.cfg -f ./tcl/board/or1k_generic.cfg20:08
stekernif you'd have a blaster, that is20:08
_franck__if you want to use signal tap you can also, download your program with openocd, close openocd, run signal tap and reset your board with your reset button...20:08
_franck__yes it is20:08
stekernI don't want to use signaltap with my spartan6 device ;)20:08
_franck__ah ok :)20:08
_franck__if you use the dbg_if, you have to change TAPE_TYPE in ./tcl/board/or1k_generic.cfg20:09
_franck__I submitted a patch to openocd to allow this selection from the command line20:10
stekernhow can I see which interfaces I have configured with?20:11
_franck__I think you can do that from the telnet shell20:12
stekernand if I don't have ft2232, but the ftdi, how would that orsoc-jtag look like?20:12
_franck__I think olof did convert the file20:13
_franck__search on the opencores forum20:13
_franck__interface_list: List the debug adapter drivers that have been built into the running copy of OpenOCD.20:14
_franck__stekern: FYI, you can set TAP_TYPE to XILINX_BSCAN and use Xilinx virtual JTAG20:19
stekernyes, but there seems to be a lot of problems with that20:20
stekernmaybe that's related to adv_debug_bridge though20:20
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stekernthe openocd driver is perhaps better20:20
_franck__well, it's pretty new and the guy said it was working with adv_debug_if...20:21
_franck__(new in openocd)20:21
stekernI get this now:
stekernwhy is it saying this? Warn : There are no enabled taps.  AUTO PROBING MIGHT NOT WORK!!20:31
_franck__./tcl/boa ??? :)20:36
_franck__boa like a snake ?20:37
stekernyes, it's like python20:37
stekernthe new fancy scripting language, haven't you heard about it?20:37
_franck__I know working with python can be anoying so why not use boa ?20:38
stekernthe 'rd' somehow got lost when I copy pasted that20:38
stekernI have them in my command20:38
_franck__-f is lost too ?20:39
stekernthe strange thing is, if I use '-f ./tcl/interface/altera-usb-blaster.cfg' it says:20:40
stekernInfo : mohor tap selected20:40
_franck__what do you have in orsoc-jtag.cfg ?20:41
stekernoh, there's some hooks back into C functions in the old code...20:42
stekernok, so I need to figure out the ftdi_layout_init and ftdi_layout_signal things20:44
_franck__yes and I can't help you here20:45
stekernbut there was never any config files posted20:48
_franck__too bad that olof is not here, he could have save you some precious time20:55
stekernI still doesn't get that "no enabled taps"20:58
stekernhow is the blaster cfg different in that regard?20:59
stekernisn't that picked by the or1k_generic.cfg?20:59
_franck__newtap is created in or1k.cfg which is called by or1k_generic.cfg?21:00
_franck__(remove this ? at the end)21:00
stekernso how does it matter which interface I use?21:01
_franck__AFAIK it doesn't21:01
_franck__but it does somehow21:02
_franck__what is you type "tap_select mohor" in the telnet console ?21:03
stekerninvalid command name "tap_select"21:03
_franck__rep -r "no enabled tap" *21:03
stekernit's in src/jtag/core.c21:04
_franck__thanks stekern_grep21:04
stekernstekern_grep - a friendly grep with almost human output. might add smileys to it's output.21:06
_franck__try to run openocd with -d 3 to make it more verbose21:07
_franck__this is the interesting part of a working openocd:
_franck__don't you have something like this at the begining (you didn't paste the whole log) ?21:13
stekernoh, let's see21:14
stekernhmm, it never get there21:18
_franck__this is the full log if it can help:
stekernwhat's the difference between adapter_khz and jtag_rclk?21:25
_franck__don't know I only know adapter_khz21:25
stekernthat's my full log21:26
_franck__for some reasons it doesn't read your *.cfg files....21:29
stekernhmm, I put the -s ./tcl last and now it works ??21:33
_franck__I alwas put -s ./tcl at the end21:33
stekernyeah, I saw that you had that, that's why I tried it21:33
stekern'works' was maybe an overstatement, but I get to the 'Target ready...'21:36
stekernmdw 0x100 yields 'Burst read failed' though21:38
stekernreading and writing to gpio registers seems to work though21:54
_franck__my ddr controller is definitely too slow to feed the vga_lcd core connected to my altera board lcd display...23:04
_franck__800x480x24bpp @60Hz23:05
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