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stekernlooking at the changes I need to do to or1200-generic to make it eco32f-generic, I think it'd make more sense to break out common parts into generic 'libs' and make a seperate mor1kx-generic system rather than munging them together as an or1k-generic system00:38
wkoszekIs there LLVM frontend for Verilog?00:41
stekernI don't know if there are any "official" ones, but there are probably numerous inofficial ones in the works00:44
wkoszekI see.00:48
wkoszekThere was GSOC idea on the mailing list00:54
wkoszekIt was about verification00:54
wkoszekUnless it's a software stuff, it'll be hard for GSOC.00:54
pgavinstekern: how does the mork1x handle a bus error during a cache line fill?01:09
pgavinI'm wondering because the address that causes the error might not be the address currently being requested by the pipeline01:10
pgavinif that makes sense01:10
pgavine.g. if the pipeline wants the first instruction in the block, a later instruction might be where the error occurred01:11
stekernpgavin: yes, I know. it doesn't handle it in a special way01:11
pgavinso, which address does it write to EEAR?01:12
pgavinthe one where the error occurs?  or the address where the fault really occurred?01:12
pgavinit probably doesn't really matter that much01:13
pgavinbut I'm deciding how to implement it01:13
stekernthe current PC, it's wrong, but I don't think it matters much in practice01:13
pgavinit really only happens if the cache is turned on anyways01:14
pgavinif something more accurate is needed, it can be retried with the cache off01:14
stekernusually when things go wrong, you'll jump into never-neverland, and usually the whole cacheline is non-existant01:14
pgavinthanks for the help :)01:15
stekernmy new baby just did his first jump =)09:53
olofkstekern: Congratulations. Was it conditional? Relative?14:01
olofkehhmm... in which C header file is NULL declared?14:03
olofkorpsoc -> fusesoc renaming is done now. I suspect there will be a lot of confusion for some time now14:10
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stekernolofk_: it was a relative, right now we're having potty training, learning it to flush and stuff14:50
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