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olofk_franck_: Trying to merge your pull request with a fetch command as stekern showed me how to do some time ago. Once again it shows how completely user-unfriendly git is when you have been away for a few weeks21:40
olofkFuckin' A! I made it. Thank god (or juliusb) for the IRC logs21:44
stekernmy sadistic side have showed it's ugly face again... I'm doing a Linux port from scratch...21:57
stekernon the bright side, I've got a couple of small cleanups for the openrisc one in the process21:59
stekernright now I'm trying to figure out why the context switch is trashing the framepointer22:01
blueCmdstekern: hah, openrisc or something else?22:01
stekernwouldn't be much of a point to redo the one for openrisc ;)22:02
blueCmdstekern: yes, that's why I was asking22:02
stekernthat the toolchain is very much not in a production kind of state makes the process a lot more interesting too ;)22:04
blueCmdI'm doing regression tests in the cloud btw. the idea is to fire up an instance and it will clone and rebuild everything, run the test suits and upload the results somewhere22:04
blueCmdstekern: yes, I saw that :D22:05
blueCmdsimple enough hack, but it's more something I want and I figured that maybe somebody else wants it22:05
stekernah, that's sounds cool (and useful)22:06
stekernwell well, time to go to bed and dream about schedulers and context switches22:07
blueCmdhah, don't jump somewhere bad22:07
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