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blueCmdI wonder what kind of state glibc wants a port to be in for it to be accepted and included in their source tree16:54
blueCmd_franck_: what's the status on gdb?18:22
blueCmdif you're still the go-to guy on that :P18:22
_franck_blueCmd: nothing new since last time you worked on it19:22
blueCmd_franck_: check!19:25
blueCmdi'm feeling that my urge to hack on stuff returning, almost a year since last time - maybe it's the time of the year :P19:26
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blueCmd_franck_: have you been building gcc 4.9.0 (branch or1k) from lately?20:43
_franck_I can't remember but since I can see I commited something in or1k-src 3 month ago, I guess I did compile both repo 3 month ago ;)20:46
blueCmdright, well - it compiles but complains in the install stage about missing vtv_start.o, vtv_end.o, vtv_start_preinit.o and vtv_end_preinit.o20:46
blueCmdit maybe works anyway, but it might be something worth looking into20:47
_franck_yes for sure20:47
blueCmdhah, this is cool. vtv is apparently written by a coworker, so I can just ask her :D20:50
blueCmd_franck_: seems to be added if you are building against a -*gnu target *sigh*21:03
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