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olofk_Hi guys08:10
stekernolofk_: Hi guy08:11
olofk_Just saw the lattice involvement in the backlogs. Would be great to see some effort on the Lattice toolchain08:11
olofk_I've been spending the last few days trying to improve the VHDL support in Icarus. Why is it always much more fun to do stuff that you really aren't supposed to do08:12
stekerndunno, but at least that makes reversed psychology work very well on us08:15
olofk_If I become a manager I'm going to forbid my employees to work on the stuff that is really needed08:16
olofk_My Jolla phone is pre ordered by the way. Need to check if Icarus compiles for arm08:17
olofk_Hi _franck_work_ . Thanks for the patches08:19
stekernif I become a manager, I'm going to be bored to death08:19
olofk_Oh... I'm planning to cause total confusion again soon08:19
olofk_By changing the name of orpsoc to something else.08:20
_franck_work_olofk_: I think think that would make sense08:20
olofk_I have a few ideas for a name that I'm throwing around08:21
olofk_But it turns out that most clever names are already taken by businesses or domain squatters08:22
stekernOBS EE Platinum08:22
stekernOBS = olofk's build system08:22
olofk_I go register the domain right away ;)08:23
olofk_I thought that socify would be catchy, but that was taken by some social media crap08:23
olofk_Not to mention SoCcer. Hard to find available domain names08:24
jonibowhy change the name?08:25
_franck_work_olofk_: pick one here :)08:26
olofk_I have actually considered a few of them including "SoC I/O Path" and society08:27
jonibosoc i/o path is exceedingly clever... too good to be true.08:28
olofk_I think this one would be good too:  sociosexualities sim --force mor1kx08:31
jonibobut again, why do you want to change the name?  orpsoc already has quite a bit of traction...08:32
stekernyeah, and if you feel that teh name doesn't describe the project anymore, come up with a new meaning of the name08:34
stekernOverRated Puild system for SOCs08:35
stekernoh, been in finland for too long, me thinks...08:36
_franck_work_jonibo: orpsoc has become a more generic build tool than orpsoc was before08:39
_franck_work_you can use it outside the openrisc scope08:39
olofk_stekern:  :)08:40
olofk_Yes. That's the idea. I've been trying to shoehorn a new meaning of ORPSoC, but it makes more sense to change it all together08:41
joniboonline resource picker08:41
jonibodoes it work offline? :p08:41
olofk_And the let orpsoc be a reference platform that can be simulated with $NEW_TOOL_NAME08:41
olofk_jonibo: No. It needs to be constantly connected to internet to talk to the license server08:42
jonibolicense server...!!!  oh man, I don't want to know...08:42
olofk_The activeX component that checks for a valid license is a bit picky with that08:42
jonibomicrosoc, it is then08:42
jonibohow about "gag" (short and easy to type) and synonymous with "put a soc(k) in it"08:45
_franck_work_ORPSoC -> Orpsoc Recalled Python SoC08:48
olofk_Warning! Recursive acrynom detected!08:49
olofk_LoneTech: :)11:34
olofk_I remember that the library on Phatt island in Monkey Island 2 had a similar thing11:35
olofk_Oh stupid IT department. Forced reboot again. This can't possibly be a good thing for productivity11:37
olofk_You got to be kidding me. Another forced restart13:04
stekernthat seemed to be global13:15
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