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jonibogood day!09:19
jonibofor or1k, l.mul and l.div are class one instruction (i.e. not optional), yet both the toolchain and kernel treat them as though they were somehow optional... why?  I think we might have discussed this before, but I can't recall what we said.09:19
stekernjonibo: afaik (and as far as the spec states), l.mul and l.div are class II instructions13:52
jonibo? strange... my spec says class I... has this changed recently?13:53
jonibospec dated april 5, 2006... hmmm13:53
stekernhmm, yes, in this:,filedetails?repname=openrisc&path=%2Fopenrisc%2Ftrunk%2Fdocs%2Farchive%2Fopenrisc_arch.pdf13:56
stekernl.mul is class I, but l.div is class II13:56
stekernin this:,filedetails?repname=openrisc&path=%2Fopenrisc%2Ftrunk%2Fdocs%2Fopenrisc-arch-1.0-rev0.pdf13:56
stekernboth are class II13:57
jonibook thanks, stekern.14:05
stekerndigging some more, it was already changed to class II in the 2011-draft4 document14:06
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