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poke53281hikenboot: My script take care about almost everything necessary to build the current jor1k images.00:00
poke53281But it is half a year ago that I compiled my toolchain from scratch.00:00
poke53281So, the scripts contain definitely errors.00:00
ysangkoki used the toolchain from the OpenRISC image00:00
ysangkokthat's a lot easier00:01
hikenbootok then me just skipping the make step above and continuing should get me to the same point you were at with your complete jor1k?00:01
poke53281hikenboot: stekern managed to compile the X basis system within two days with my scripts. And he had only 2-3 small issues00:01
poke53281hikenboot: Yes00:02
hikenbootawsome thanks I will leave you alone for the night while I try this00:02
poke53281ysangkok: Ok. This image should still work with jor1k. I will try your image when I am back00:02
poke53281Now, I have to leave.00:02
ysangkokyes ok00:02
poke53281ysangkok: I didn't know you live in Darmstadt. I was at the accelerator ten years ago. One year before the official name of the element "Darmstadtium". I think the city had a big party when it became official :)00:05
hikenbootpoke53281, without the command make fetchtoolchain the next command make checktoolchain fails with  make: *** No rule to make target 'checktoolchain'. Stop?02:26
hikenbootshould I do a make all instead?02:26
ysangkoki think you can just skip it03:02
poke53281yes, skip it04:08
n5nnI am wondering, how I can proof my game concepts.10:20
n5nnI wam wondering, If I should work entirely in the given toolchain, or if the editors should run with another toolchain10:21
n5nnnot sure if the supplied VM works well with development in general, or sdl in special10:22
n5nnI would love to do something like this: Make with sdl for common tests, make for devboard to debug.10:23
stekernn5nn: what is the "the given toolchain" and "the editors"?13:25
n5nni want to to write and an editor, that uses the same headers as the barematel openrisc app.16:46
n5nni would liek to test conecpts with the editor, and use the same files for the bare metal app.16:46
n5nnshould i use the same toolchain for both programs?16:47
n5nnthe "editor" would use e.g. sdl.16:48
n5nnwhere as the openrisc executable is still laking the graphics part, just having the "graphics" in ram.16:48
n5nni am missing knowledge on how to generate vga on a devboard, so i'd like to test conectps in sdl, but later reuse same libraries for my devboard.16:49
n5nnthats why I'd like to write an editor first, and then port the libraries over to openrisc architecture.16:50
n5nnor should the editor run under a simulated openrisc enviroment too?16:50
n5nnis it just gibberisch waht i am trying to say?16:50
stekernn5nn: it's probably not gibberish, but I feel we are missing some information to understand it ;)19:36
stekerneditor, like a text editor? as a proof-of-concept for graphics?19:37
stekernand you want to initially use sdl on your workstation to test this out, and then later move that onto openrisc?19:38
stekernsounds viable, just make sure your interface to the "backend" (sdl or framebuffer) is transparent enough19:40
n5nnideal, i just want it to be a framebuffer19:40
n5nngot no idea on how to transform a framebuffer to a actual frame of (vga)-video, whereas i got a pretty good idea on how to do it in sdl19:41
stekernI did a hack for or1ksim to add a sdl backend to simulate the framebuffer a loong time ago, but it'd need some love...19:42
n5nnhow did it turn out?19:42
n5nni know the orgfx did something similar19:42
stekernah.. ok, but that's easy, the vga/lcd core *is* the framebuffer and it generates the vga signals19:43
stekernthere's a very simple example how to use it from baremetal19:43
stekernnah, orgfx is a 2d accelerator core, it's used as an addition to the vga/lcd framebuffer (and they did nothing in or1ksim afaik)19:45
n5nncool, thanks! will have a look!19:46
n5nni am trying to avoid the vga core, since it is gpl19:46
stekern1) it's not, it's modified bsd 2) if it was, why would that be bad for you19:48
n5nnthat would make me force to gpl my game too. iirc19:48
n5nni'd love to use it19:50
stekernI don't think the gpl would cross into software, but since it's not even gpl, it's not an issue19:50
n5nncool. did not know! thanks! very much! :-D19:54
n5nnwe were talking about the OpenCores VGA/LCD Controller core?19:56
stekern...and yes, the overview page there says "License: GPL", but if you go look in all the headers of the source files, you'll see it's in fact a modified BSD license that is used19:59
n5nnthanks for that hint! :)19:59
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hikenbootpoke53281, are you around?22:44
hikenbootok guess not I will come back later22:47
hikenboothaving problem compiling if I skip the make fetchtoolchain I get the following error make *** No rule to make target 'checktoolchain'. Stop. If I skip all the way down to the make or1ksim It fails after a while of compiling because it cant find things22:50
hikenbootif i dont skip the command the rest seem to work till the last which (I havent tried but I think it will fail as you said it would22:59
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