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olofkGah! Stupid distributed code. I implemented a function somewhere in a verilog module, but I can't find it :(10:00
olofkI liked that function :(10:16
stekernolofk: grep?11:38
hikenbootpoke53281, if I want to try and start compiling packages for jor1k, where in the compile process to I start working with the LFS directions? Right after the fetchtoolchain. Do I some how figure out how to work with and make the "make fechprogs" work?13:01
hikenbootshould i be following the BLFS directions?13:05
djbclarkWhat is likely to be faster on armv7 (assuming I can get that to work) - or1k or bochs?13:43
hikenbootdjbclark is there an emulator called armv7?14:35
poke53281hikenboot. Give me one hour, then I will answer18:53
poke53281Nice, a movie is shot next to my office. Name: "If I stay". Never heard of it19:41
poke53281Ok, hikenboot, ready19:41
poke53281Instead of "make fetchprogs" download the files from the link into the downloads folder.19:43
poke53281The toolchain is based on the Linux from Scratch book. It does not follow it 100%.19:46
ysangkokpoke53281: hi23:33
poke53281Hi ysangkok.23:47
poke53281You have five minutes. Then I have to leave for two hours.23:47
ysangkokah shit23:48
ysangkoki'm trying to add a second serial port again23:48
ysangkokand i sucessfully built the kernel23:48
ysangkokbut i think i'm using UARTDev wrong23:49
ysangkokthe patch is really tiny23:50
ysangkoki'd appreciate it if you could just quickly glance at see if something is totally wrong23:50
ysangkoki get errors at runtime:23:51
ysangkok[00:45:51.447] "Error at this.cpu.r is undefined"23:51
ysangkok[00:45:51.449] "ATADev: Error in WriteRegister8: register 0x00000078 not supported (value: 0x0000000A)"23:51
poke53281The site is not loading. Takes forever for a tiny patch23:51
poke53281Of course I implemented only the absolute necessary commands. So, such errors are possible if you implement something new.23:53
ysangkokpoke53281: i'm just wondering if there is something fundamentally wrong with instanciating a new UARTDev23:54
ysangkoki was afraid that there was some conceptually wrong with doing what i am doing23:54
ysangkokbut there's no rush23:54
poke53281No, I don't think you did something really wrong.23:54
ysangkokok i'll just continue like this :)23:55
poke53281There are small details, but none of them explains the ATADev error23:55
ysangkokhave a nice party :)23:55
poke53281But it is possible that the kernel is too new or too old.23:55
poke53281Which version you are using?23:55
hikenbootpoke53281, how far into the lfs directions did you get. Did you install all the base packages and then some or did you continue on with BLFS or something? Those packages at the link you gave me I assume have been customized by you for jor1k?23:56
ysangkokthe one that the Makefile downloads23:56
ysangkokpoke53281: i only get errors once it reaches initalization of ttyS123:56
poke53281hikenboot: I followed only partly the documentation. Everytime something didn't work I looked up in lfs.23:57
poke53281hikenbook: The packages are not customized. For each packages you can find the details in the Makefile script.23:58
ysangkokpoke53281: the kernel is here, the second serial port is at 0x90a00000:
hikenbootok one last question on the build system should i be using the LFS recommended file system setup or does the scripted directions on your site take care of those problems that normally crop up?23:59
poke53281ysangkok. You can provide me the kernel image. Then I can take look where the error comes from.23:59
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