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olofk_stekern: Never open your hardware. Some things are best left unseen05:53
olofk_poke53281: Yes, there are lot's of USB<->MIDI dongles. I have a MidiSport 1x105:53
stekernI have an midiman m-audio uno05:58
stekernboth of those are pretty expensive I think, there are cheap ones for ~$5 at dealextreme and such sites06:01
stekernolofk_: yeah, I wouldn't have if it wasn't for the non-functional middle C key06:04
stekernannoying to play without that...06:04
olofk_I'm mostly using C# nowadays06:04
stekernyeah, that seems a lot more popular than F#06:15
olofk_Hmm.. looks like I have some network issues at home07:16
* rah has a MidiSport 8x808:22
rahmy numbers are bigger, therefore I win08:22
rahyay me!08:22
olofk_rah :)10:24
olofkVery shaki internet connection today17:55
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stekernit's the aftermath from the "storm"19:32
olofkTwo usability patches pushed for orpsoc19:50
olofkPut the following in ~/.config/orpsoc/orpsoc.conf19:51
olofkOr put it in /etc/orpsoc/orpsoc.conf in the very unlikely case that you have several orpsoc users on the same computer19:52
stekernme and myself19:52
stekernreminds me about something, can you have several cores/systems dirs?19:53
stekernright now I'm symlinking in my sublime directory into orpsoc-cores, because it's to much in flux to not be local19:54
stekernwould make more sense to just have an entry in orpsoc.conf for it19:55
stekernbut I've been to lazy to look up if that's possible ;)19:55
_franck_stekern: can you show me your openocd configuration file for sockit (with two taps)20:12
* _franck_ always ask for stekern to show something ;)20:12
stekernthat's the git diff20:22
stekernwhy have I changed VJTAG to MOHOR?20:22
olofkstekern: Yes, you can. One of the patches enables using lists for cores_root (but not systems_root. I will deprecate that soon anyway)20:26
_franck_need to clean up and test it with orpsoc, I did a chain scan20:26
olofkYou can also pass --cores-root=/path/to/extra/dir on the command line20:27
_franck_stekern: I'll ask you something again :) Could you provide me a sof file for sockit (with an altera VJTAG in it) ?20:37
_franck_easy: :)20:45
_franck_503.254 KiB/s, pretty good !20:51
olofk_franck_: Is Blaster 2 working now?21:03
_franck_it is21:03
stekernexcellent work21:10
stekerncan you blink leds too ;)21:11
_franck_wait,  0x91000000 ?21:12
stekernshould be21:12
_franck_it doesn't turn on/off21:14
stekernwhy not? ;)21:17
_franck_who knows21:18
_franck_I'm the software guy, working on openocd ;)21:18
stekernsetting them from software works here on the same image at least21:19
stekern*((uint8_t *)0x91000000)=0xff;21:20
stekern*((uint8_t *)0x91000001)=0xff;21:20
_franck_arf, I forgot to set dir bits21:23
_franck_now it's on !21:23
_franck_now, the hardest part, include my changes in configure.ac22:09
_franck_After one hour of fight versus, configure won :(23:19
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