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poke53281LOOOOOLLLL  This is unvvelievable ..... I have worked with qemu user mode for a while. And in one second I became the idea, if chroot might work. And really IT WORKS!!!1!!!  I can chroot to my OpenRISC sysroot. Start any program I want. I freak out.03:57
poke53281Ok, uname shows the wrong processor, the environment variables are totally wrong,  and gcc does not link because of one unsupported syscall. But nothing which cannot be fixed.04:02
hansfbaierpoke53281: I don't understand fully what you mean, but it seems to be cool.04:54
poke53281you know the Linux command chroot. You know what it does?04:59
stekernbah, I wasted another hour on a non-existing problem this morning05:02
stekernI spent last evening setting up jackd/ardour so I can record into my workstation05:03
stekernand this morning I recorded an "ultimate pitchbend" (going through all notes available in the midi-spec, and stepping 1 cent at a time between them)05:04
stekernbut when I recorded a sawtooth wave, it was "inverted" i.e., it rose from -max to max instead of falling from max to -max05:05
hansfbaierpoke53281: yes05:06
hansfbaierpoke53281: I don't understand the environment you are working in05:06
hansfbaierthe context05:06
stekernturned out it's my mixer or my soundcard that did that, when scoping the signal on the lineout, it looks fine...05:06
poke53281Lol, what  mixer setting changes the sign of input signal? Is there a reason?05:09
poke53281hansfbaier: You know what qemu user mode is doing?05:09
poke53281I can compile binaries for OpenRISC. But they don't work on my computer. Of course, because it is an x86 compatible PC.05:10
poke53281QEMU User mode translates the compiled binary into x86 machine code and executes it.05:10
poke53281So with QEMU I can execute or1k binaries without an emulator.05:12
poke53281Now combine this with chroot.05:12
stekernpoke53281: well, it has an equalizer, so the signal is filtered05:12
stekernbut I had it in "neutral" on all knobs, so I wouldn't have expected the signal to be altered that much05:13
poke53281Me too.05:19
hansfbaierpoke53281: so the openrisc chroot can execute x86 programs05:20
poke53281No, the x86 chroot can execute OpenRISC binaries.05:21
poke53281It works like chroot but you land in a OpenRISC environment05:21
poke53281It runs on an x86-compiled-kernel.05:22
poke53281hansfbaier: This can be used as an easy development environment without the cross-compile problems.05:25
hansfbaierpoke53281: ah, ok. Very nice.05:26
olofk_poke53281: That's awesome. Once that works smoothly it would make it much easier to create a distribution I guess06:12
poke53281exactly. And also the gcc testsuite would be much easier to execute and much faster.06:18
poke53281I am curious how fast I can make this emulator. At the moment it looks very good.06:19
Powermaniacpoke53281: Your the creator of the Javascript emulation of OpenRISC right?06:24
PowermaniacI was wondering why did you choose Javascript?06:24
poke53281you asked me the same question already a few days ago.06:24
PowermaniacOh sorry06:24
PowermaniacIt came up again in a conversation and I couldn't recall why06:25
poke53281Why, I did it in Javascript? I think there are many reasons.06:26
poke53281Because you can. Is this enough?06:26
poke53281In the beginning it was learning of Javascript. And learning about the OpenRISC CPU.06:30
PowermaniacOh, interesting way to learn about both really06:30
poke53281At the moment Javascript is the only true language that works everywhere.06:30
poke53281Java was a failure in this sense.06:30
PowermaniacIt is? Hmm news to me. For whatever reason the guys I was talking to about it, at UniSA were like Javascript?!?06:31
poke53281I don't understand what you want to say.06:32
poke53281It is true that Javascript is not a nice language. It has a lot of unfixable problems. A lot of developers don't like it and I understand why.06:32
PowermaniacWell they found it funny that Javascript was used to design an emulation of OpenRISC.06:33
poke53281Ahh, yes. But one click and everyone can try it. Try this with or1ksim.06:33
PowermaniacYeah it is pretty amazing what you have done06:34
poke53281The last half year, after I realized how far I can go, when I realized the maximum speed that is possible, I decided to try to run X and wayland on the emulator.06:36
poke53281And I have to admit, that one of my motivations was to get news on several news sites. And that happened the last two months.06:37
PowermaniacIt sure did, ha06:37
PowermaniacI have to say all of you guys are pretty awesome, without this IRC channel I probably wouldn't be on my new path to getting an electrical and electronic engineering degree06:42
poke53281You are welcome :). This is great!06:43
poke53281By the way. I am physicist.06:44
PowermaniacActually found out today I will be able to go into uni probably next year just have to sit a test first06:44
PowermaniacOh you're a physicist that is pretty awesome, what do you specialise in?06:44
poke53281Computer simulations. I can simulate everything. From a falling apple to the electronic structure of solids based on Quantum mechanics06:46
poke53281And I can simulate CPUs. At least the instruction set :)06:47
poke53281At the momen my specialization is X-ray spectroscopy of solids.06:48
PowermaniacOh okay06:49
PowermaniacWhat about the brain...06:49
Powermaniac>_> heh heh06:49
poke53281On the other hand. Three month ago I was in the synchrotron in Saskatoon doing measurements.06:49
poke53281Neuronal Networks. Yes, I did it some time ago.06:49
PowermaniacOh wow06:49
poke53281Neuronal networks or synchrotron?06:50
poke53281Well I am simply interested in all this kind of stuff. Hobby and Job in some way mixed.06:51
poke53281Interestingly almost all physicist see there job more like a destiny.06:53
PowermaniacOh okay interesting, they actually believe in having a destiny?06:53
poke53281There are professors 80 year old still going every day to the institute06:53
PowermaniacWho wouldn't, what an amazing job to have06:53
poke53281Oh sorry, Destiny is probably the wrong english word.06:54
poke53281But I can't find the correct one right now.06:54
PowermaniacBasically on the bleeding edge of science.06:54
PowermaniacNo destiny makes sense, but I just find it sort of odd that scientists would believe in having a destiny...06:55
PowermaniacSee I'm agnostic and have had a very big focus on religion, to be more specific Christianity but I stopped beliving in it a couple years ago06:55
poke5328199% are atheists.06:55
PowermaniacIn my life*06:56
stekernI can't see the connection between religion and have a feeling you're destined to do something06:59
PowermaniacI hope to one day emulate the brain with electronics basically, or make an artificial brain and eventually achieve the technological singularity06:59
poke53281I stopped a long time ago in beliebing. In some way to be physicists excludes the believe in god.06:59
PowermaniacYeah they tell you otherwise at Christian schools here, that being a scientist and Christian is totally possible but it doesn't really seem that way to me07:00
poke53281This great. In my opinion the neuronal network science is one of the most fascinating topics you can choose.07:00
poke53281And there is money now. Billions.07:00
poke53281EU and USA will spend the next decase Billions in this topic.07:00
poke53281... decade...07:00
PowermaniacWell that is a bonus07:00
poke53281So, you want to build Skynet ;)07:01
PowermaniacGood I'm not going to be caught out without a job in the next few decades atleast07:01
PowermaniacHAHA basically...But a non-evil one haha07:01
PowermaniacAnd a smarter one.07:01
poke53281Well, Skynet was not really evil. From our view maybe.07:01
PowermaniacHoping it will do what Ray Kurzweil believes it will do and become a god like entity that knows all, and humans being able to combine with it...And yeah all futuristic stuff.07:02
PowermaniacI personally think IBM is the closest currently to making it happen it seems07:02
poke53281Yes, our smartness is limited by other constrains like energy ressources.07:02
PowermaniacWith there SyNAPSE project working on making brain like hardware, and there 'electric blood' project etc. So they are solving the hardware problems07:03
poke53281Yes, IBM simulated the brain of cat a few years ago.07:03
poke53281But with a lot of critics. because they excluded a lot.07:03
PowermaniacI want to work for IBM the only thing I would like to change is for them to create more open source content.07:04
poke53281There is also the Blue Brain project.07:04
PowermaniacYeah and Watson07:04
poke53281Haha, yes Watson. But this was only programmed by intelligent people.07:04
poke53281But very fascinating. Watched all episodes on youtube.07:04
PowermaniacAlthough some people think we won't be able to achieve the technological singularity with average computers, we will instead have to use quantum computers. What do you think about that?07:05
poke53281I have also calcuated the amount of space we need to save our brain. Only a few PB07:05
PowermaniacYes only a few O_O...07:06
poke53281This is definitely wrong. But there are two ways to answer why.07:07
poke53281This question could be related to the assumption that the brain works by quantum mechanics.07:07
PowermaniacAhh okay07:07
poke53281This is true on the level chemical reactions. But there is no sign that these are important for functioning. You could approximate what happens on a cell level. And a cell is macroscopic.07:08
PowermaniacBut could the chemical reactions be somewhat random if affected by quantum mechanics?07:09
poke53281You can also say, that you need quantum mechanics to simulate a falling apple.07:09
PowermaniacMAking the rest of the system random as well?07:09
poke53281No one would do it, but you could do it07:09
poke53281Yes, but this randomness would be the noise you are observing.07:10
PowermaniacOh okay, hmm that is very interesting. Never been able to ask an actual physicist questions like this before07:10
poke53281Believe me, that you can average over all quantum mechanic effects.07:10
poke53281The reason for this is that no ones understands quantum mechanics. And it is the hope of some people that it is based on quantum mechanics that we will maybe never really understand it.07:11
poke53281To keep the "magic"07:11
poke53281Classical mechanics can produce such complexity, believe me.07:12
PowermaniacOh you might be able to answer one of my questions I've had for a long time. There is said to be a top speed anything can travel at, the speed of light. Now is there a limit on temperature though, a top temperature? Because if there is not couldn't you just heat something to pass the speed of light as temperature is just the movement of partciles?07:12
PowermaniacNo teacher at high school here has ever been able to answer this question for me so =\07:13
poke53281Before I answer this. The second point. At the moment you need tremendous computing power to simulate a human brain and the power of a nuclear power plant. So people could say, that we need a quantum computer to achieve such speed necessary. But our classical brain proves exactly the opposite. It is just that our computer are not very good in simulating a brain.07:14
PowermaniacYeah, that's a good point07:15
poke53281If you could simulate a neuron just with a few transistors you could build a brain like ours and use only a few watts.07:15
poke53281The question with the temperature is indeed an interesting problem. Well, the problem is first, how to define temperature.07:16
PowermaniacWhich is what the IBM SyNAPSE project is trying to do07:16
PowermaniacI've tried contacting IBM as I want to know if they will make it in anyway open source but they never contact me back07:17
poke53281And the definitions I know are based on classical mechanics.07:17
PowermaniacOh okay07:17
poke53281But in relativistic mechanics you define the temperature over the average energy.07:17
poke53281And there is no limit.07:17
poke53281So, it depends how you exactly define the temperature on the relativistic scale.07:18
poke53281As average speed or average energy.07:18
poke53281If you define average speed than there is indeed a limit.07:19
poke53281Thats the reason they switch to energy.07:19
PowermaniacHmm okay, so it sounds like to me there is a top speed and that is still the speed of light07:19
PowermaniacThank you, always wanted to know the answer to that one. Now I know it!07:20
poke53281Sorry, but I can't answer the question exactly, because I don't know the relativistic definition of temperature07:20
PowermaniacWhat do you think about perpetual motion, do you think it is impossible?07:20
PowermaniacOh okay well, I now have a rough idea that the top speed is still the speed of light though I guess?07:21
poke53281the temperatures are then defined as energies as I said.07:22
PowermaniacAhh okay07:22
poke53281At the moment the is no experimental evidence for perpetual motion. I don't believe it is possible. But that doesn't mean it isn't possible.07:24
PowermaniacOh okay07:25
poke53281Last year there was this experimental proof of the neutrinos faster than light.07:26
poke53281Of course everyone was sceptical. And it the end it was wrong. But if the experiments would be true we would accept it and try to change our theories.07:27
poke53281By the way this is the difference between scientists and people believing in god.07:28
PowermaniacYeah someone has supposedly proved the Bible wrong recently and is going to reveal his findings as well07:28
PowermaniacIt turns out that Jesus was basically a character representing things that were meant to be fake history of what a Caeser did that traveled through there at that time07:29
PowermaniacA Roman trick to control the populace07:29
poke53281You can't really proof it wrong. But there is something important in the scientific method. You know the sentence "The theory is so bad. It can't even be wrong"07:29
PowermaniacWell I know similar sentences yes.07:30
poke53281Ok, this is another problem. But I am talking about proofs about god.07:30
poke53281A theory must give the possibility to prove if it is right or wrong.07:31
PowermaniacYes, I know that atleast xD07:31
poke53281All theories in physics do it. If you find one experiment which fails the theory, than the theory is wrong.07:31
poke53281With god you can't do it.07:31
poke53281And that makes it a complete useless theory.07:32
PowermaniacYeah =\07:32
PowermaniacI find it sad that my parents still believe in it all, sort of why I want the technological singularity to happen before they die, as then it might be possible to make us all immortal essentially...07:32
PowermaniacThen of course there is the problem of entropy (The Last Question, Isaac Asimov)07:33
poke53281There is a tenth dimension with small little green men and then love about us. But there is know interaction between there dimension and ours. ... This theory is bad, it can't even be proven wrong.07:33
poke53281Yes, immortality is nice goal.07:34
poke53281And I hope too that it will happen during my lifetime.07:34
PowermaniacIsn't it thought that there has to be aliens as it is a statistical improbable that there isn't. As there is just so many solar systems and planets that could be inhabited.07:34
poke53281No, I am not talking about aliens.07:34
poke53281The story important point the non interacting dimensions.07:34
poke53281When there is no interaction I can never proof there existence.07:35
PowermaniacOh right07:35
PowermaniacYeah I see what you mean07:35
PowermaniacOaky well I have to go for a bit, got dinner. So yeah...07:36
PowermaniacAnyway thanks for the great conversation07:36
poke53281And I have to go to bed. Enjoy your meal.07:36
hansfbaierThat explains something.08:27
stekernI'm not sure what, I'm not familiar with looking at those schematics. Are there wires missing?08:31
_franck_no i2c ports ?08:31
_franck_hansfbaier: you must be aware that stekern does not understand GUI things :)08:32
stekernno "a lot of things"08:32
stekernthat's why I suspect that it's in how that GUIy thing represents stuff08:33
stekernnow, this explains it:
stekernthere are no wb wires for i2c08:39
stekernwhy has he edited that by hand?08:39
_franck_may be because we didn't tell him how to use the generator...08:40
_franck_that no in the orpsoc user's guide08:41
stekernit was told in the interactive orpsoc userguide08:43
stekernaka irc08:43
hansfbaierstekern: Hmm. The viewer is weird:
hansfbaierI wonder though why in signaltap no i2c related stuff shows up.08:48
stekernwhy did you hand-edit that?08:49
hansfbaierstekern: Is that generated?08:52
_franck_yes it is, from this file:
hansfbaier_franck_: with wb_intercon_gen? How?08:55
_franck_using this tool:
hansfbaiermaybe I should look at the source again...08:55
_franck_wb_intercon_gen wb_intercon.conf wb_intercon.v08:55
stekernhansfbaier: yes, and it's missing the i2c wires, which might explain the problems08:56
hansfbaier_franck_: But isnt the .v different from the .vh?08:57
_franck_both are generated at the same time08:57
hansfbaierstekern: What about
hansfbaierah yes, the wires....08:58
stekernit's your turn to curse at verilog allowing implicit wires09:00
stekernI did it last09:00
olofk_I did it the time before that09:00
stekernolofk_: irc log paste or it didn't happen!09:01
hansfbaierstekern: I read your comment, but didn't really know what you meant. Now I do.09:02
stekernolofk_: it happened!09:03
stekernit's a bit worrying that we depend on juliusb for things to happen...09:06
hansfbaierstekern: You are my hero:
hansfbaierolofk: pushed it09:18
_franck_question: is the i2c core you are using compatible with this driver ?
* _franck_ has never used any opencores i2c core09:21
hansfbaier_franck_: Yes, that's what I used. From latest julius09:26
hansfbaierit works.09:26
stekernlatest julius what?09:31
_franck_I mean can I use the upstream driver ?09:33
stekern_franck_: there's no "downstream" changes to that afaik, so yes09:37
olofk_hansfbaier: Great!09:42
hansfbaierBitcoin price goes crazy ATM09:45
olofk_Crazy good or crazy bad?09:45
hansfbaieranother parabolic rise09:46
hansfbaiervery strong uptrend09:46
hansfbaieras steep as the last spike09:47
hansfbaierjust gain $50 today09:47
nvmindgood morning09:59
nvmindI am experiencing some strange behavior with mor1kx and test program I wrote10:15
nvmindthe same program is working perfectly on or120010:15
* nvmind looking for yes/no answer (once again)10:21
nvmindare you able to stop at break point?10:21
nvmindI am using openocd + or1k-elf-gdb10:22
hansfbaiernvmind: no10:24
hansfbaierusing mor1kx not10:24
hansfbaierdidn't try with or120010:24
hansfbaiersame toolchain10:24
hansfbaierif there's a break point the PC goes to nirvana10:24
nvmindhansfbaier: good for the PC... because we are stuck in hell :)10:26
nvmindhansfbaier: so at the moment mor1kx can't be debugged10:27
hansfbaier_franck_: another one with the same problem ^10:31
juliusbhansfbaier: yeah, what "latest" are you talking about getting some i2c stuff from?10:38
hansfbaierlinux kernel -> master10:38
juliusboh.... you mean jonas perhaps?10:39
stekernjuliusb: does the mor1kx-devenv tests set breakpoints?10:39
hansfbaiersorry jonas, yes ... :]10:39
juliusbstekern: good question, i have one back; sw or hw breakpoiunts?10:40
hansfbaierstekern: # hwclock10:40
hansfbaierWed Oct 23 10:39:47 2013  0.000000 seconds10:40
stekernjuliusb: sw should be enough10:40
stekernsince people say they don't work10:41
juliusbyes i have a test for something in pronto i believe10:41
stekernI never use them... so I haven't noticed10:41
stekernI'll take a look if I can get cappuccino to run that too then10:42
stekernhansfbaier: ???10:43
stekernI didn't ask what time it is ;)10:43
hansfbaierstekern: I2C RTC10:44
hansfbaierstekern: input: ADXL34x accelerometer as /devices/a0000000.ocores/i2c-0/0-001d/input/input010:44
stekernah, great!10:45
stekernjuliusb: ok, you have one for espresso as well, is that *really* espresso specific?10:53
stekernI'll test just copying it over and see what happens11:00
juliusbnot really, there looks to be some explicit checks for delay slot traps which wouldnt work on pronto but for cappuccino it should he appropriatr11:01
stekernbut that's for espresso sans pronto11:01
stekernah, I now see what you actually wrote11:05
stekernhmm, it's not even going past the tb write thing11:08
stekernah, you have to hardcode some things related to that in the cappuccino specific related testbench ;)11:12
stekernok, now it runs... and fails miserably11:15
stekernnvmind: no11:15
stekernI'll take a closer look later tonight11:15
stekernbut it looks like it just executes the trap instruction instead of giving control to the debug unit11:18
stekernerr, executes the trap exception, I mean11:18
stekernor nirvana exception as hans calls it ;)11:19
nvmindwell I decided to rollback to or1200 for the moment12:08
nvmindbut we will keep one eye on mor1kx12:09
stekernnvmind: I will at least ask you to test the breakpoint support I just fixed12:26
stekernnot pushed yet though12:27
nvmindstekern: to be onest I was wondering if there is a guide to put together the development environment of mor1kx12:28
stekernbasically just merged in what espresso was doing (turned out the support for breakpoints was completely missing in cappuccino)12:29
nvmindnot that I have a lot of free time... but maybe I can contribute something :)12:29
stekernnvmind: this is what we have been using so far:
stekernwe're trying to unify the test environments though12:30
stekernhansfbaier: could you give the patch in the pastie a go too?12:30
hansfbaierstekern: mom12:32
hansfbaierstekern: BINGO. It works! Amazing! Thanks!12:47
hansfbaiermom = moment please12:48
hansfbaierWeeeeeeeeeeeeeellll, the breakpoints work now, but the LEDs don't blink12:49
hansfbaierBut when I delete all breakpoints and cont, then the LEDs blink12:49
hansfbaierHey wait, now the leds shift around, but the output of the variable leds is still constant 1. Very weird. Anyway great progress so far. Thanks!12:53
hansfbaiernvmind: ^12:53
nvmindhansfbaier: this evening I will give it a try12:56
nvmindsorry :)12:56
nvmindbut I am going to integrate a generated accelerator in my soc12:56
nvmindto test if everything is working :)12:57
stekernhansfbaier: hmm, ok. thanks for testing!13:13
stekernand credit go to juliusb, I just copied his espresso code over to cappuccino13:14
stekernmaybe I can try running the ledblinker in verilator to see what happens13:15
mor1kx[mor1kx] skristiansson pushed 1 new commit to master:
mor1kxmor1kx/master 89da9cb Stefan Kristiansson: cappuccino/ctrl: add support for sw breakpoints...13:55
stekerntime to read up on
stekernso I can write a usb-midi device driver for sockit13:59
stekernah, looks like there's not much I need to do there, just enable the existing driver for that14:42
stekernand then write a midi driver for sublime that I can connect it to14:43
olofkI'm going to take care of a few pull requests now. How can I combine two commits into one?18:17
stekernolofk: git rebase -i18:27
stekernand then mark the lower of the two commits you want to combine with an s18:27
olofkYeah. I just tried that. Tree is now messed up18:28
stekernas in squash18:28
olofkYou are not currently on a branch18:28
olofkI thought I should add 's' to the beginning of each commit I wanted to merge with the previous in the emacs window that cae up18:29
olofkSo I did, saved and exited18:29
stekernumm, yes18:29
olofkThen I got sent back to the terminal with a message that said I was in the middle of a rebase and offered me to do rebase --continue or commit --amend18:30
olofkI suspected something was messed up and assumed that commit --amend was "undo"18:30
stekernand then when it comes to the commit that is about to be squashed you edit the commit message18:30
olofkemacs came up again with a commit message from the commit before the start of my rebase.18:31
stekernyes, amend is not "undo"18:31
olofkSo now it seems that I have lost the HEAD of my tree18:31
stekerndon't worry, we'll find your head18:32
olofkLast commit is identical to the last commit from the github tree, but it doesn't seem to be neither head, origin or master18:32
olofkDecapitated by git18:32
stekernif you want to abort an rebase, it's git rebase --abort18:33
olofkahh ok18:33
olofkBut how do I get back to a branch?18:33
stekerngit checkout master18:33
olofkIs it just git branch master?18:33
olofkGreat! Back on the branch again18:34
olofkIt seems that there is already a rebase-merge directory, and18:34
olofkI wonder if you are in the middle of another rebase18:35
olofkHow the fuck should _I_ know?18:35
olofkPlease git, don't ask me these things18:35
stekernrun git rebase --abort now then18:35
olofkJust did18:35
olofkRound 2. Fight!18:35
olofkok.. so I got emacs up with a helpful message that tells me that the command for squashing is 's'18:37
olofkHow do I run 's' on a commit?18:37
stekernI wonder how I should do the midi interface between the arm core and or1k...18:37
stekernyou change the 'pick' to 's'18:37
olofkAnd then save and exit?18:38
olofkAmazing! It worked18:40
stekernmy options are 1) a 'midi-bridge' core, with wb interface that just generates an interrupt when a register is written and read 2) some shared memory thing 3) just hook-up uarts from both sides, like a "normal" midi interface18:40
olofkIs MIDI usually sent over UART?18:41
stekernof course it worked, git always works ;)18:41
stekerntraditional MIDI at least, nowdays everything seems to be USB18:41
olofkUART sounds like a nice solution. You should be able to cat around MIDI streams as well then, right?18:42
stekernwell, you kind of can do that with the midistreams under alsa anyway18:43
olofkDidn't know. I've only had problems with my MIDI stuff18:43
stekernthe only pro with the uart would be that you easily could connect it to a physical midiport18:44
stekerni.e. perhaps more portable to other boards18:44
olofkGot my fancy new 6 channel sound card with MIDI now that I haven't connected since I bought it in april :(18:44
stekernI've got a fancy sockit with MIDI now ;)18:44
olofkI think that sounds like a big advantage.18:44
olofkI want one too!!!!18:45
stekernbut otoh, it's just down to a small part of software in the baremetal or1k program that will differ18:45
stekernso I'm not sure it's a good reason enough to instantiate two extra uarts just to pass some MIDI messages between two CPUs18:46
stekernI never had much trouble with MIDI, but I always seem to have trouble with all other sound under Linux18:48
olofkI had a midi dongle and a USB sound card. Last time I tried they didn't mix well at all18:48
stekernI can't get my internal soundcard to work at all, so I'm using a usb soundcard too now18:49
stekernand I have a midi dongle as well18:52
stekernolofk: hmm, does a non-local core that have an orpsoc driven compatible testbench work?19:11
olofkstekern: wb_sdram_ctrl is a good example19:16
stekernand now my little i2s core:
stekernheh, now I see an "error" in the core file19:20
stekernwb_bfm isn't really used in that19:20
stekernit doesn't even have a wb interface19:21
stekernit might or might not in the future though19:21
stekernI've been thinking a lot how to handle cores producing sound streams19:24
stekernI'm thinking about perhaps creating a "mixer" core, and let that have a wb master port, so cpu's can use that as a DMA engine19:25
olofk_franck_: Is SIGINT when you press ctrl-c ?19:27
_franck_if you start a build and you ctrl+c because you want to stop it then python gives you a backtrace19:34
olofkGreat. I've always wondered how to do that20:01
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