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olofkpsst.. _franck_ . I fixed the problems with syntax errors in core description files08:50
stekernyeah, I get that it's hard to say to him in person when I sit in between you ;)08:58
juliusbyou're dividing the community stekern 08:58
PowermaniacSo how did ORCONF go?08:59
juliusbno need to talk about it in the past tense, it's still alive and kicking08:59
PowermaniacI didn't realise, sorry08:59
juliusbbut it's going very well, lots of great talks mschulze is showing us his work09:00
PowermaniacOkay, good to hear!09:02
jeremybennett_Powermaniac: Have a look on Twitter #orconf1309:16
PowermaniacOkay thanks!09:17
olofk_franck_: How do I start the openocd telnet console?11:13
_franck_telnet 444411:13
olofkgot it11:13
_franck_the you can mdw xxxxx to read memory11:13
_franck_mww to write is11:13
_franck_reg npc to read the npc for example11:14
olofkSomething is now working. I get CRC errors11:14
amsi never thought i'd see someone be happy over getting crc errors11:14
olofk_franck_: How do I select the debug if to use?11:26
_franck_you should have or1k_xxxx.tcl filein the root patch, just pick the good one and do ./src/openocd -f or1k_xxxx.tcl11:27
_franck_let me see I'll check the version you downloaded11:28
_franck_pick this one: or1k_olimex_mohor.tcl11:30
_franck_edit ti and source the good interface11:30
_franck_*edit it11:30
olofk> mdw 0x0000010011:33
olofk0x00000100: 1800000011:33
_franck_great !11:33
olofkOne step closer to making ordb2a compatible with orpsocv3 and openocd11:34
juliusbmohor mo' problems11:40
_franck_I really need to update openocd in our github organization11:40
_franck_fork the upstream and add the mohor interface11:41
juliusbolofk: maybe ordb2a should switch over to the adv_dbg_sys? is that even possible?11:44
* juliusb looks at LoneTech 11:44
olofkjuliusb: Yes. The orpsocv3 port from yesterday uses that, but I had an old known good image that I wanted to use to test other stuff11:45
juliusbah fair enough11:45
olofk_franck_: Yeah, that would be good to have even if it's not upstream11:45
_franck_olofk: what about this ?11:51
olofk_franck_: Sorry. Haven't had time to look at it. Looks good. Applying now11:52
juliusband ORCONF2013 is done14:16
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diginet1do you guys think OpenRISC running on an fpga would be low power enough for something like an MP3 player/DAP?16:45
diginet1digital audio player17:18
juliusbthe only reason you'd want it to be low power was because you're going to battery power it18:06
hansfbaierstekern: Why assign wbm_cti_o = 3'b111; // TODO: support burst accesses19:26
hansfbaierand not 3'b000? Is it because in case of a classic cycle the other end won't care, and in case of a burst it's ended at once?19:27
hansfbaier(in avalon -> wb bridge)19:27
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