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poke53282Can you confirm?03:03
poke53282-fpic is important here. Otherwise it compiles03:05
* ysionneau on his way to london04:21
ysionneauknz I think there are a few buses04:22
ysionneaudont know the details though04:22
hansfbaierstekern: Did you have that too? The BSP-Editor with the lab config does not substitute some variables in sdram_config.h:07:36
hansfbaiergoogling yields next to nothing07:36
hansfbaierhmmm just deleted those defines, seemed to work07:46
olof_The flight is at least three hours delayed. Not sure when I'll arrive08:23
olof_Not sure yet if I'll make it to my presentation08:24
hansfbaierolof_: Oh is it already conference time?08:44
hansfbaierolof_: I could not find anything on OpenOCD support for the USB Blaster II on the SocKit board. Do you know what to do when the eval license of the ARM DS5 is over?08:45
-!- olof_ is now known as olofk08:46
olofkhansfbaier: Conference starts in about two hours08:46
hansfbaierolofk: wow cool, are there live streams?08:46
olofkThe blaster interface is a bit problematic. Version 1 of the interface has been reverse-engineered, but not version 208:47
olofkstekern and LoneTech tried to figure it out, but I'm not sure how it went08:47
olofkSo I'm not really sure what to do. Haven't used my board since I got it :/08:48
hansfbaierolofk: thanks....08:48
hansfbaierolofk: I couldn't find any info about live streams in the wiki.08:49
olofkNo live streams, but we will record the talks08:49
hansfbaierolofk: OK, I'll wait08:49
olofkYou can watch the talks from last year in the meantime :)08:51
bjohanolofk, where can we find them? :)08:51
olofkbjohan: search for "openrisc project meeting" on youtube. All talks should be uploaded by embecosm08:55
olofkIf you can't find them, I'll show you on monday ;)08:55
bjohanolofk, thanks :D but im unsure if i'll be back at monday, i got ill this wensday and im still getting worse :)08:56
olofkbjohan: Sorry to hear, but that should also mean you have plenty of time to hack on fun projects :)09:02
bjohanolofk, unfortunately the my cognitive process is the first thing that goes when i get a fever, but hopefully i will have a few hours of lucidity later today :D09:05
olofkstekern: Did you bring your Atlys. I just remembered the awesome bump map backdrop we had last year :)09:12
ysionneau2 of us are in front of the computer lab building right now :)10:12
ysionneauhow can we come in?10:12
olofkysionneau: You might be a bit early10:23
ysionneauyes i am10:23
ysionneauI thiught someone would already be there10:23
ysionneauand I didnt want to be late10:24
olofkysionneau: I can send over juliusb's number if you like10:24
ysionneauhe is working at the lab ?10:24
hansfbaierolofk: I have a request for the videos this year: Could you please be careful to setup the camera that the slides are readable?10:25
hansfbaierolofk: Of if the slides are available separately there should be a link in the youtube page.10:25
ysionneauhaving both slides and speaker is sometimes a bit tricky10:25
olofkhansfbaier: Good catch. jeremybennett simoncook did you hear that?10:25
olofkhansfbaier: Maybe I should have directed you to the conference page instead. There you can find both slides and links to video10:26
olofkysionneau: He's not working at the lab, but he lives in Cambridge and is one of the organizers10:27
hansfbaierolofk: Slides are even more important than the videos.... Slides can be watched at my own pace. Videos cannot and may contain periods of irrelevant rambling ;)10:28
ysionneauok i dont want to bother him then10:28
ysionneauthanks anyway :)10:28
ysionneaui will wait till someone arrives10:28
olofkGreat. Flight is further delayed. I'm not making it to my presentation :(11:01
juliusb.... and ORCONF2013 is underway12:48
juliusb /win 1213:45
arokux2hi guys, what could mean "leave a chip in reset"?21:38
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