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stekernpoke53281: I noticed you are not using the or1k-linux-uclibc target, is there any particular reason for that?03:57
stekernysionneau: good to hear!03:58
hansfbaierstekern: got my sockit today04:02
hansfbaierstekern: Do you have your work with the sockit in a github repo somewhere?04:09
stekernhansfbaier: yes, here:
stekernyou also might interested in that I'm in the process of uploading prebuilt or1k-elf toolchains to ftp04:21
hansfbaierstekern: RPX, the carrier which handles FedEx in Indonesia has the slogan "One stop logistics" on their logo. I think that is very adequate. The way they treat their customers, they surely only want to stop by once.04:22
hansfbaierstekern: sounds good. As you mentioned, juliusb had the same issue with libgui? Has anyone a solution yet? I guess getting to the bottom of this would need debugging the auto-hell scripts ...04:23
stekernjuliusb: ^ did you ever manage to compile or1k-elf-gdb?04:25
stekernand did you have that libgui problem (I recall that you did, but I might be wrong)04:25
hansfbaierstekern: Wow, thanks!05:19
PowermaniacSo how is everyone?05:39
hansfbaierstekern: anonymous ftp doesn seem to work (ftp) says login failure05:56
stekernhansfbaier: try with ocuser/ocuser06:11
hansfbaierstekern: works, thanks06:24
stekernI thought they had enabled anon access when it worked here, but I guess it remembered an earlier login06:35
stekernwhen i clicked the link in the webbrowser i mean06:35
stekerni'll change the links06:36
Powermaniacknz: are you there?06:40
hansfbaierstekern: The dip switches on that page, aren't they the other way round?
poke53281stekern: No particular reason.06:48
hansfbaierstekern: seems to be conflicting with the PDF. Do you have a rev c or b board?06:48
poke53281stekern: This was the official target when I started developing with the toolchain. When I realized that you changed it, it was already too late. I decided not to recompile everything.06:49
poke53281But it seems to work.06:49
stekernpoke53281: yeah, the differences are minor iirc, uclibc define _UCLIBC_ (or something like that) and insert the right path to ld (06:52
poke53281Here is the content of my downloads folder of the toolchain.06:52
stekernso you don't need the symlink)06:53
poke53281Ahh, Ok06:53
stekernpoke53281: thanks! that will save me some trouble06:53
PowermaniacMinecraft Redstone as a circuit explanation doesn't exactly work if the person explaining decides to leave information out...06:54
stekernhansfbaier: not sure, I can check when I'm close to the board06:55
hansfbaierstekern: never mind06:55
hansfbaierI already got it06:55
hansfbaierstekern: working06:55
stekernI have left the dip-switches the way as was instructed in the workshop where I got it06:56
hansfbaierstekern: confusing the web site the user manual all seemed to be conflicting, but the getting started guide worked finaly06:56
poke53281I used Linux from Scratch to write those scripts. But there are a lot of cross compiling tricks included.  Patching with sed and copying of files basically.06:58
poke53281I think that on the long term porting buildroot would be better in the future.06:59
poke53281or Gentoo :)07:00
stekernor yocto07:02
poke53281it looks more advanced then buildroot07:11
poke53281It looks very similar07:16
hansfbaierpoke53281: what do you talk about?07:22
poke53281find an easy way to cross-compile a whole distribution.07:25
poke53281at the moment I am talking about yocto. The web page is clear but not the source. Looks more like chaos.07:28
stekernpoke53281: altera use it for their bsp packs for socfpga, that's how I stumbled upon it. I didn't end up using it though07:36
stekerninstalled ubuntu instead, but saw some potential in it for building openrisc bsps07:37
olofYeah! I'm all for porting gentoo to OpenRISC. The problem however is that even the base system is actually a bit too large07:44
olofBut it would be awesome once it's running. Great tools to work with07:44
poke53281at the moment looks like the more obvious choice for me.07:45
poke53281But Gentoo would be cool.07:45
poke53281And why too large? For what?07:45
olofI think that @system needs at least 50 packages, perl included. I'm used to just having busybox+kernel+one or two extra programs07:49
olofBut on the other hand, I'm talking to the guy who runs X on OpenRISC :)07:49
poke53281But in an image of 10MB (compressed)07:52
poke53281You are right. Gentoo is the opposite of lightweight.07:52
hansfbaierstekern: ah the toolchain is 64 bit :]07:53
hansfbaierstekern: 32 available too07:53
poke53281But add support for SD-Card or an hard drive and it should be fine. I wouldn't try it on a de0 board07:55
hansfbaierstekern: ah it is07:55
hansfbaiernever mind07:55
olofNFS is usually how we do it07:55
poke53281This is fine too.07:56
poke53281Ok, have to leave for now.07:57
olofHave fun with your sockit. Mine haven't left the box yet since the workshop07:58
stekernhansfbaier: yes, just remove the _64 in the link07:59
stekernthere's even an armhf version there too ;)08:00
Powermaniacstekern: Qucik question, I can't find out what the 6-pin conenctor is on the Digilent Atlys in the center-ish of the board, do you know what it is?08:04
stekernPowermaniac: can't remember, check the user manual?08:09
Powermaniacstkern: Already had a look there =\08:09
stekerncheck the schematic?08:12
Powermaniacstekern: Check it, haven't entirely understood it but shall try again!08:19
PowermaniacWeird the schematic says it is conencted to VCC3V3 which I believe is the power. Also GND which is ground obviously, but then 3 connections to a PIC3208:22
PowermaniacIt's on page 6 directly in the center of the schematics on that page if you want to have a look:
stekernthe pic32 is handling the usb-hid, but it can also load an configuration frm an usb memory08:30
stekernwhat are tje sognaƶs called?08:31
stekernthe signals08:31
PowermaniacAs in the things named R310/200, R311/200, R313/200?08:32
PowermaniacI'm hoping it is another Pmod but a 6 pin Pmod08:32
stekernno, those are resistors08:32
PowermaniacThen I can connect an ethernet port to the 12 pin Pmod on the front and a 6pin PS/2 controller on this Pmod08:32
stekernit's not08:33
PowermaniacYeah I thought they had to be resistors, resistor sign and R310 just sounds like a resistor08:33
PowermaniacDo you mean where it says PIC32-MCLR?08:33
stekernthat much I know08:33
PowermaniacAnd PIC32-PGD208:33
PowermaniacAnd PIC32-PGC2?08:33
stekernwhy would you want to connect an ethernet breakoutboard when you already have ethernet on the board???08:34
Powermaniac2x ethernet 1 for HDD 1 for wifi adapter (because I'm lazy and can't be bothered sourcing a cheap open source router08:34
PowermaniacMight be forced to do that anyway08:35
PowermaniacDid you connect the PS/2 controller to the 12 pin Pmod?08:35
stekernthat makes no sense..08:36
Powermaniacwhich part, or both?08:36
stekernjust pick any off-the-shelf switch08:37
PowermaniacWhat exactly do you mean by Switch?08:37
stekerngoogle "ethernet switch"08:40
PowermaniacYeah just did, I see what you mean now08:40
stekernok, so the header you were wondering about is probably a programming header for the pic3208:44
PowermaniacAhh okay thanks08:44
hansfbaierstekern: the toolchain is good: It blinketh09:03
Powermaniachansfbaier: You got it working?09:03
PowermaniacIf so yay!09:03
hansfbaierPowermaniac: the downloaded09:03
hansfbaierPowermaniac: I know what the singularity will do..... guess......09:04
PowermaniacSo, so many possibilities09:04
PowermaniacWhere to start09:04
hansfbaierPowermaniac: I think it will blink LEDs09:04
PowermaniacI personally don't think it will go all terminator like, as well why would it need to...09:07
Powermaniac(Most often thought of outcome of the singularity thought by 'common' people)09:07
PowermaniacI also think it will depend a lot on how it is programmed09:08
PowermaniacAnd what it's goals are at first anyway09:08
PowermaniacDid you know they are actually working on how to make robots/AI friendly?09:08
hansfbaierPowermaniac: It will have the possibility to choose its own goals.09:09
PowermaniacWell yes...But I don't think it will at first exactly...09:10
PowermaniacAlthough it all depends really how it comes about09:10
stekernhansfbaier: just like hal 9000 did09:26
stekernpoke53281: minor feedback on the build-script, it fails if you don't manually create a uclibc .config12:54
stekernit doesn't bother me much, just thought I'd let you now anyway ;)12:54
PowermaniacWhat do you guys think of Steam?14:49
PowermaniacAnd well Valve14:49
poke53281stekern: I think you will find more errors.16:33
poke53281But you can start making a list.16:36
stekernI already have a second item on it =P16:43
stekernuclibc doesn't build for some reason16:43
poke53281??? Ok, I will try.  But I compiled it the last time 2 days ago. Added locale support to try some stuff16:50
stekernmaybe it got confused by my copying around configs, I'm restarting now16:57
stekernand if it doesn't build I'll take a closer look16:58
stekernI mean, I have built uclibc a trillion times on this machine ;)16:58
stekernso it should work16:58
poke53281But the first time with my toolchain in head.17:01
stekernah, I think I know what I'm doing wrong17:28
stekernyou've got to manually export the path and sysroot etc, right?17:29
stekernyou should make 'make env' suggest the new toolchain first in PATH, not last btw17:30
poke53281another problem. Remove the lines: export ac_cv_func_malloc_0_nonnull=yes from X.make17:41
poke53281they are global and can interfere the configure process of other compilations.17:42
poke53281stekern: if you want to compile by yourself. You should execute the lines given by "make env"17:43
stekernhmm, but does the script set PATH when it does the toolchain build?17:54
poke53281seventh line in Makefile17:54
stekernah, right, so that's the problem17:56
poke53281PATH := $(TOOLCHAIN_DIR)/bin:$(PATH)17:56
poke53281Now it should be correct17:56
stekernit's been picking up some old or1k-linux toolchain I happen to have in my path17:57
poke53281Unfortunately I have realized that just changing the TOOLCHAIN_NAME will not work. I have used or1k-linux some times without using this variable.17:57
stekernI noticed that too, I changed it to -uclibc in all toolchain related stuff17:58
stekern(but it was failing before that, so that's unrelated)17:58
poke53281I am fixing this right now18:00
poke53281Corrected a lot18:49
poke53281You were right. You have to export all this variables by your own via "make env" Now it should work without doing it.18:50
poke53281And I changed all the target names.18:50
olofHmmm... looks like I'm disconnecting quite a lot.19:08
-!- olof is now known as olofk19:08
stekernpoke53281: great, thanks!19:08
poke53281between your message and my message I have made additional three correction. This will never end....19:09
stekernheh ;)19:10
stekernI can confirm that the problems I had were related to that at least19:14
stekernnow the whole toolchain built without problems19:15
poke53281but be careful. If you don't use my uclibc config file maybe X will not compile. I remember that I had to alter it multiple times to include all features.19:22
stekernI'm using it now19:28
stekernhaha, looks like I lack wget-fu... I think I downloaded your whole website's content, not just what's in the download folder...19:30
poke53281Yes,you should not download the parent directory19:31
poke53281you should stop after 1 recursion.19:32
stekernyeah, I know... but I always forget...19:44
stekernI usually notice when I see stuff that's unrelated, but it seems like everything else was so minor (in filesize) anyway19:45
stekernhmm, when building xpre it picks up the x86_64 machines libpng20:53
poke53281maybe pkg-config not correctly configured21:13
poke53281the environment variables for this are set by "make env"21:14
poke53281and don't forget the patch for the .la files They are very very important21:14
poke53281 sed -i~ -e "s;libdir='/usr;libdir='$(SYSROOT)/usr;" $(SYSROOT)/usr/lib/*.la21:15
poke53281this should be executed after every compilation of libraries21:15
poke53281This problem was one of the main issues I had during writing these scripts21:17
poke53281And it took forever to find solutions.21:17
poke53281stekern: I am wondering why in xpre? in xpre you are compiling libpng. Why it should pick the x86_64 machines libpng?21:20
poke53281maybe during compiling pixman?21:21
stekernduring freetype21:22
stekernI have the PKG_ env vars as 'make env' told me21:23
poke53281"make freetype" <- no problem for me21:25
poke53281what is the error message?21:26
poke53281During linking or before.21:26
poke53281Oh yeah. libtool my friend. Lost some hair because of this.21:31
poke53281The error is in .la file in $SYSROOT/usr/lib/21:32
poke53281grep " /usr/lib/libpng" *.la21:32
juliusbstekern: nice work on the precompiled tool chains21:33
juliusbactually, just reading through today's log, did you get gdb compiling stekern ?21:35
juliusbI never did iirc21:35
stekernpoke53281: nope, no such match21:36
juliusband libgui problems don't ring too many bells21:36
poke53281grep "libpng" *.la21:36
stekernpoke53281: yeah, tried that too21:36
poke53281then the problem happens already in src/freetype21:37
stekernjuliusb: yes, gdb is included in those precompiled21:37
juliusboh wicked21:38
poke53281find src/freetype/ -name "*.la"21:38
juliusbI recall _franck_ was doing some hacking on it a while back?21:38
stekernpoke53281: nope21:40
stekernI recall building freetype before though21:40
poke53281Ahh, did you execute "cd src/$@; sed -i~ -e "s;-L/usr/lib ;;" builds/unix/"21:41
poke53281as written in my script?21:41
olofkORPSoC 3.1 is released now. Would be grateful if someone could try to install it to check if I messed something up21:43
juliusbstekern: sorry, can I be annoying and ask that you put a little more detail with those prebuilt versions. Something like which source they came from and what revision they were at? (or maybe just "HEAD of these repos on 28/09/2013"?)21:43
juliusb... unless there is something in those archives already?21:44
juliusbolofk: nice one!21:44
juliusbI'll be the guinea pig21:44
olofkjuliusb: It's on the opencores FTP21:44
juliusboh, I can't github it?21:45
stekernpoke53281: umm... no21:45
juliusb should work too right?21:45
olofkjuliusb: Yes, you can. The only difference is that the one on the OpenCores FTP went through make dist, so you don't have to run autoreconf21:46
juliusbah cool OK21:46
olofkSo I think that one will be slightly easier to distribute at the workshop21:46
juliusbmakes sense21:47
poke53281libtool executes with the argument "-L/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu" . It's written somewhere in the config files in freetype.21:48
poke53281Ahh, I do the patching after configure21:49
poke53281stekern: I think you have to later the sed patch that it matches -L/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu21:49
juliusbolofk: but just out of interest, can you let me know how I bootstrap it as from the orpsoc git repo? So if I have a fresh clone, what do I do? (I'll document this, too)21:49
stekernpoke53281: yeah, but configure get that from libpng-config, should that honour pkg-config flags somehow?21:50
olofkjuliusb: For a system installation run autoreconf -i && ./configure && make && make install21:50
olofkBut if you are using the version from git and don't want to install it, you can just execute orpsoc from bin/ directly21:50
stekernjuliusb: I install it anyway21:51
stekernolofk said that was cool21:51
poke53281stekern: No. libpng-config --libdir gives me /usr/lib21:52
stekernpoke53281: ok, so our systems differ a bit there, mine gives:21:53
stekern$ libpng-config --libdir21:53
poke53281stekern: configure output: "checking for libpng... -L/usr/lib -lpng16"21:53
olofkI actually think it's pretty cool. It makes it feel just like a real program :)21:53
poke53281So my patch is wrong21:53
stekernolofk: I agree, and it's just handy to "have it around" wherever21:54
juliusb :(21:54
olofkSorry, autoreconf -i21:54
juliusboh you wrote that21:54
juliusbyep, all my bad21:55
olofkjuliusb: There's an INSTALL file in orpsoc with some basic instructions on how to get started, but it probably needs some extra explaining21:55
olofk...and you can skip the part where it tells you to mail your credit card number to me. I already got that21:55
stekernjuliusb: the prebuilt versions are from the top of our 4.8.1 branch in github21:55
juliusbcool, I'll flesh that stuff out once I get a grip21:55
poke53281Stekern: Now I am a little bit worried about my other patches. Especially of that one patching the .la files21:56
juliusbolofk: I'm still waiting for the flexlm USB dongle so I can use orpsocv3, though21:56
juliusbyou said that was the deal21:56
juliusbyou were laughing maniacally and saying how rich you were going to be come once you shipped orpsocv321:57
juliusbas you stroked the white cat on your lap21:57
olofkThat wasn't a white cat, btw21:57
juliusboh... now that I think about it, maybe it was a pile of white powder?21:58
juliusbolofk: do you mind if I update instructions on the orpsoc wiki page?21:58
stekernjuliusb: olofk have switched to using floppy-disk dongles now though21:58
rfajardohehe, I will assure myself of not trying orpsocv3 :P21:58
stekernpoke53281: hmm, the .la's I looked at looked fine, I think. let me poke around a bit more21:59
juliusb5.25 inch or 3.5inch?21:59
juliusbi'll need to go commit a crime at the local computer museum if it's the former22:00
juliusbactually... there is a good computer museum here in Cambridge now apparently22:00
stekernjuliusb: not sure, I haven't received mine for the orpsocv3 EE fault tolerant version yet22:00
juliusbok I should stop joking and and start orpsocing22:01
rfajardogo for it :)22:02
juliusbrfajardo: hi, btw!22:02
rfajardohello there22:02
stekernI almost got framebuffer working with the opencores vga/lcd core from the arm side now22:03
rfajardoI have just pay github openrisc a visit and have browsed through some orpsoc stuff22:03
juliusbrfajardo: sorry to hear you can't make it to ORCONF22:03
olofkjuliusb: Updating the instructions would be great22:04
olofkrfajardo: Hey. Haven't heard from you for some time. Are you coming to orconf?22:04
rfajardoWell, I'm sorry too. A lot of things and plans going on this year. I really wish for some more nice open hw/sw work next year.22:04
rfajardoolofk, I'm sorry I won't. I would really like to. But I will content myself with the promise that I will not miss the next one. Hopefuly I will have some more input from my side too. It's probably good to do something every 3 or 4 years :P.22:06
poke53281stekern: I can set LIBPNG_CFLAGS and LIBPNG_LDFLAGS directly. This should avoid this problem.22:07
juliusbrfajardo: no worries man, we'll drink your beer this year then22:09
rfajardoI think that actually made me really sad22:10
olofkjuliusb: Don't do that. I was planning to put rohypnol in rfajardo's beer22:10
juliusbeven better, it'll be a cheap night for me22:12
rfajardoI will miss some fun days22:13
olofkrfajardo: Are you still in Germany, btw? Given the number of German contributors lately, it might make sense to have the next conference there22:13
rfajardowhere do you have a wiki about the new orpsocv3?22:13
juliusbbut it looks fairly out of date...22:13
rfajardoolofk, yes I am. I have seen it too. I guess wallento has been mainly active, isnt it?22:13
juliusb... I think?22:13
olofkOf course, we are also still waiting for _franck_ to take us to the french riviera22:14
juliusbI'm really hoping we'll have a large number of contributors pop up in Tuscany or the Caribbean over the next 8 months...22:15
olofkrfajardo: Yes, wallento will present some multicore stuff. We will (hopefully) record all the talks, so you can still watch that even if you're not coming22:15
olofkjuliusb: Amen that22:15
juliusbplan is to _definitely_ record all of the talks. simoncook will hopefully do the honours22:15
rfajardoolofk, awesome. That's good!22:15
poke53281stekern: This should do it22:15
juliusbolofk: what's the deal with bin/orpsoc and bin/
rfajardoyou're certainly posting the link to the list. Or do you have another communication path besides the irc?22:17
olofkOh well. Time to get off skynet now. Please let me know if there are any troubles with the new orpsoc release. I want it in good shape for the conference22:17
juliusbjust some sys.path stuff?22:17
stekernpoke53281: I'm testing it out right now22:19
stekernpoke53281: those -config scripts are what have gave me the most headaches when crosscompiling22:19
stekernaren't there some sane way to handle that?22:20
olofkjuliusb: I can explain more later, but it's basically for allowing orpsoc to be run without being installed22:20
juliusbcool, so I should be running bin/ instead of bin/orpsoc if I hvaen't install it?22:20
olofkThe orpsoc binary needs to know where to find the orpsoc python package22:20
olofkIf you don't install it, you don't need to run autoreconf and configure at all22:21
juliusbah right22:21
juliusbmakes sense22:21
stekernbut if you don't install it, it's not cool22:21
olofkAnd I guess you don't want to be one of the uncool kids, right+22:21
juliusbok... noob question I could probably find in the logs, but quickly, how do I get a system? list-systems gives me nada22:21
juliusbalways was....22:21
poke53281stekern: good question. I am not sure. Sandbox like in gentoo maybe.22:22
olofkjuliusb: Did you get the download link in the registration e-mail?22:22
stekernjuliusb: I think you are experience the same confusion I had initially22:22
stekernyou should have in a directory: orpsoc-cores and build-orpsoc22:23
stekernand in build-orpsoc you should have a orpsoc.conf with the following content22:23
poke53281but stekern: freetype seems to use the non-standard way for configure libpng. Today the pkg-config script is the standard.22:23
stekerncores_root =../orpsoc-cores/cores22:24
stekernsystems_root =../orpsoc-cores/systems22:24
juliusbmy dir looks like so:
juliusbso, sans orpsoc-cores and build-orpsoc but I do have a orpsoc.conf22:24
stekernok, but you shouldn't be in orpsoc when building (olofk also told me that *that* was uncool)22:25
juliusboh right...22:26
olofkI'm building from the orpsoc dir all the time22:26
olofkWhich is very uncool22:26
juliusbbut which one. orpsoc or orpsoc/orpsoc?22:26
juliusbthere's 2 orpsoc dirs afaict22:26
olofkBut IIRC there is a bug that prevents you from building inside of the orpsoc-cores dir22:27
stekernI think clearest is to just install orpsoc to the system and then forget about the orpsoc dir22:27
juliusbok i like that advice22:27
stekernorpsoc is just a program22:27
* juliusb installs orpsocv322:27
stekernthe actual SoC stuff is in orpsoc-cores22:27
* olofk now has control over juliusb's web cam22:27
stekern"just" a program (to not offend olofk)22:28
juliusbummm, I don't have an orpsoc-cores dir though. I make one?22:28
olofkjuliusb: Clone it from github22:28
juliusbohhhh. separate repo. of course!22:29
poke53281stekern: Sometimes I have patches like  "sed -i~ -e "s; /usr/lib/; $(SYSROOT)/usr/lib/;" $(SYSROOT)/usr/lib/*.la"22:29
* juliusb slaps his forehead22:29
poke53281stekern: So I am not sure these are working on your system.22:29
* olofk watches juliusb slap his forehead22:29
poke53281stekern: But it should be obvious how to alter these patches for your system.22:30
juliusbalright, I see things in list-systems22:30
olofkjuliusb: There actually isn't a single OpenRISC related line of code in orpsoc. I wanted to have it generic enough to be used for other purposes too22:30
olofkjuliusb: Great!22:30
juliusbah cool. makes sense22:31
olofkTry to run orpsoc sim wb_intercon22:31
juliusbwicked, even22:31
juliusb(no I'm not watching cricket)22:31
juliusbso what if I don't like how abstracted I am from what's going on. for all I know you could just be printing strings out from orpsoc and not really doing anything....22:32
* juliusb raises an eyebrow suspiciously22:32
juliusbhow do I enable like "verbose" mode or something, so I see verything it's doing?22:33
olofkIf you have an elf file with an or1200 testcase from orpsocv2 you can now run orpsoc sim or1200-generic --or1k-elf-load=/path/to/<testcase>.elf22:33
juliusbah, or1200-specific tests are so orpsocv222:33
juliusbyou want or1k-generic tests like mor1kx-dev-env :P22:33
juliusbi'll fix that for you22:34
olofkjuliusb: It's not very verbose yet :( Franck was asking for the same thing22:34
juliusbwhat's the default system?22:34
olofkjuliusb: I would say it's or1200-generic at the moment, but that will be changed in the future22:35
juliusbactually, I'll poke around, you were going to go, we can talk tomorrow22:35
stekernpoke53281: the freetype change worked as intending at least, thanks for that!22:35
juliusbok, cool, good to know, thanks!22:36
olofkOh right. I forgot about that :)22:36
olofkGood night22:36
* _franck_ just found out we can halt, download an elf, set npc and resume with openocd... :)22:36
stekernand yeah, the sed changes should be pretty straight forward22:36
poke53281stekern: Your are almost done. Only 30-40 libraries left. ;)22:36
juliusb_franck_: nice. with an orpsoc (will omit v3 from now on) built image?22:36
_franck_of course :)22:37
juliusbthat's very good news :)22:37
_franck_I mean with the openocd telnet console. We don't need gdb for this kind of operation22:37
juliusbthat is quite cool22:38
juliusbdoes it work with gdb, though?22:38
juliusbor rather, does gdb work with it?22:38
_franck_yes it is22:38
stekernjuliusb: we were speaking about lifting out the mor1kx-dev-env tests to a "orpsoc-tests" repo or something like that22:38
juliusbyes, that's what was suggested a long time ago (well, taking tests from or1ksim and orpsocv2 and doing that)22:39
_franck_juliusb: FIY, our openrisc openocd port is upstream now22:39
stekernsince there aren't any tests in orpsoc (nor orpsoc-cores) themselves22:39
juliusbnow that orpsoc has started the trend of keeping things in their own repo, an or1k-tests is a good idea22:39
stekernthat's probably a better name, yes =)22:40
rfajardoNice talking to you for a bit again. I will make sure I set up a system with which I can work with again and try some stuff :). I see you soon!22:40
juliusb_franck_: now you _really_ deserve a beer for that :)22:40
juliusbrfajardo: you too man, catch you soon!22:40
juliusb_franck_: when was it accepted?22:42
_franck_some days ago22:42
juliusboh excellent. where is their repo?22:42
juliusbi see they do releaes to sourceforge but can't find their working git repo22:42
juliusbah but this is where the action went down:
_franck_I dropped the "classic" debug unit support22:45
juliusbyes, that's fair enough.22:45
stekern_franck_: great news!22:45
_franck_byte / half word read/write was broken22:45
_franck_and I didn't want to fix it22:45
juliusboh, that may involve RTL fixes, too?22:45
_franck_I think so22:45
stekernnow I'm even closer to fb working on arm, I've got half of the columns there...22:46
stekernwonder where the other half have went22:47
_franck_I should update our openocd wiki one day....22:49
juliusb_franck_: yes, that is certainly a good thing to do. even with just a quick note now to indicate where to get it and the status of what is upstream22:50
juliusbwell, is what's on the github openrisc/openOCD still good?22:50
_franck_yes it's working22:51
juliusbbut should we tell people to maybe pull from the openOCD tree now?22:51
_franck_and, afair,  it's up to date22:51
_franck_if they use the mohor debug unit they need to stick to the github version22:52
juliusbah right OK22:52
_franck_one day someone should add the mohor debug unit to openocd (not me :))22:53
_franck_I need to sleep, good night22:56
stekernI'm considering doing a dummy/emulated "ps/2" core which just have a register that I can write from the arm side, and then have a mouse/keyboard server running on the arm23:24
stekernbut is there some software like that already available? everything seems immensely overkill for my needs23:24
--- Log closed Sun Sep 29 00:00:17 2013

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