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Powermaniac_Could the openRISC 1200 be used as a graphics processor?08:51
Powermaniac_So say you had two openRISC 1200's running on a board could you ahve one as a CPU the other as a GPU or no?08:52
Flea86Powermaniac: Possibly - even the humble IBM-PC used a 2nd 8088 for it's graphics processor (google IBM Professional Graphics Adapter)09:27
Powermaniac_Wait I just discovered there is a ORGFXSoC which I had never heard of till now, did some Google-Fu09:28
Powermaniac_Would love to see this integrated with the Novena open source laptop09:29
Powermaniac_Just if I could get the ORGFXSoC and OpenRISC 1200 on an ASIC...Then it would be truly open source.09:29
Powermaniac_Is there a recommended FPGA board for the OpenRISC 1200?09:29
Powermaniac_If so is there one that doubles it as I think, although I'm not sure, that I would need a second FPGA for the ORGFXSoC09:30
Powermaniac_Just asked the creator of ORGFXSoC how he set it up, hopefully he uses Google+ often xD09:33
Powermaniac_Also asking Bunnie about whether there is enough information for someone like me to copy his Novena build...09:34
Powermaniac_Could be very interesting, also have to wonder the cost =\09:34
Powermaniac_Although it sounds like the ORGFXSoC is incorporated in the ORPSoC although I haven't been able to confirm that yet09:38
stekernPowermaniac_: you don't need anouther fpga, you can have both on the same10:18
stekernin fact, the guys that did that used an atlys development board and added their graphic accelerator to orpsocv210:19
stekernI've even tested it on my atlys board10:20
Powermaniac_stekern: AWESOME!10:23
Powermaniac_stekern: This development board?,400,836&Prod=ATLYS&CFID=2760033&CFTOKEN=4024314610:24
Powermaniac_stekern: What exactly are the needed things on such a board anyway, so I can find the best deal for what I want/need...?10:24
Powermaniac_Oh and yes I'm finally succumbing to the idea of just using an FPGA board, as well there doesn't seem to be any other option available currently10:25
Powermaniac_Also this makes me wonder if maybe I missed an FPGA with open source verilog code?10:28
Powermaniac_Doubt it but still maybe/hopefully a possibility?10:28
_franck_olofk: I did a new pull request to orpsoc but as it's been mixed with the old one, I don't know if you got an alert on it10:31
_franck_stekern: did you see the update ?10:32
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stekern_franck_: my gmail POP fetches always lags ~30-60 min, so it might be in the queue still10:38
stekernPowermaniac: "FPGA with open source verilog" <- what do you mean?10:38
Powermaniacstekern: As in a schematic, thought verilog was used for all chips nowadays (still learning xD)...10:39
stekernah, no, I wouldn't count on it10:40
Powermaniacstekern: Okay so is there a listing anywhere of what the ORPSoCv2 needs in the way of well input/output etc?10:42
stekernI've seen an open source FPGA implementation somewhere sometime... They tested it on an FPGA IIRC ;)10:42
stekernyou need an uart to get input/output... that's about it10:42
stekernbut then if you want a decent amount of memory, you'll need a memory controller, and if you want ethernet connection you need a MAC etc10:43
Powermaniacstekern: So basically anything will do? I can just choose the board with the input/output I want? Like what will and won't work as well I guess?10:44
stekernbasically yes10:44
stekernof course it's easier for you if you choose a board that's already have a orpsoc port10:44
stekernI've got the atlys board and a terasic de0 nano, both are good boards10:45
PowermaniacSo what things can ORPSoC connect to, DDR3 RAM or DRR2 RAM or? HMDI for display or? SATA 2.0 or? USB 2.0? etc?10:46
stekernshort answer - yes10:46
stekernlong answer, we have open source implementations (that have been used in orpsoc) for SDR DDRAM, VGA/LCD framebuffer (with HDMI wrapper), USB 1.0 host controller...10:48
PowermaniacSo you can use USB without going closed source cool, and HDMI.10:49
stekernwell, for many things you'll still need a PHY, you can only do digital in an FPGA10:50
PowermaniacHmm now to find a cheap board with HDMI, USB, SATA...PHY?10:51
Powermaniacstekern: PHY?10:53
PowermaniacSo wait would this run Debian...?10:55
stekernPHY = physical interface:
PowermaniacOh right like a USB port etc?10:59
PowermaniacFinding a board with SATA is very difficult...11:04
PowermaniacMaybe a MicroSD might work...11:06
PowermaniacMight as well ask here as well. Would the Parallella be a suitable board to use?11:24
PowermaniacAs it has everything I want but SATA =(11:25
stekernwhy do you need sata?11:25
PowermaniacTo connect a HDD?11:25
PowermaniacActually a MicroSD would probably be enough11:25
PowermaniacAs I wouldn't use it for anything huge so yeah MicroSD could hold all of Debian for sure11:26
stekernyou can use that, or flash memories or nfs mounted drives or a USB HDD etc etc11:26
PowermaniacI'm not sure though whether there would be enough room on the FPGA of the Parallella11:27
PowermaniacTo put ORPSoC on it...=\11:29
PowermaniacTrying to ask in #parallella, jeremy_bennett happens to be there too xD11:29
stekernshould be enough11:46
stekernI've got a nice little or1k-elf- toolchain compiled on arm now, it can at least successfully compile a hello world11:49
Powermaniacstekern: cool thanks!12:03
Powermaniacstekern: Will probably order one then. Hopefully soon.12:04
PowermaniacAnyone still here13:50
PowermaniacWas going to ask someone more knowledgeable if these files are the schematics for the FPGA on the Parallella as the creator claims. I don't know what program would be needed to open them though...13:51
PowermaniacGot a feeling now I think about it they are verilog files13:53
PowermaniacAnyone around in here again, maybe?15:44
amsi am15:54
amsnot that it say anything ...15:54
PowermaniacOkay, not sure what you mean by that exactly.16:12
PowermaniacBut I'll shoot anyway16:12
PowermaniacSo I've been told the Parallella board wouldn't be suitable for implementing the OR1200 on, so now I'm trying to find what is that is under $200 and has USB, HDMI, and either microsd or 3x USB ports or data...16:13
PowermaniacI did just find this:
PowermaniacBut I'm not sure that is the kind of HDMI that is compatible with the average lcd16:15
PowermaniacAlso is there any chance ORPSoCv2 would even run Debian?16:16
amsno clue16:17
PowermaniacAms: haha thought that might have been what you meant before...xD16:20
PowermaniacOne last check if anyone is around before I disappear for the night...17:13
PowermaniacSo is anyone there?17:13
stekernorpsocv2 per se can of course run debian17:22
stekernthat actually look like a really interesting board, and it wasn't expensive neither17:23
stekernbut we have no debian for openrisc, so there some job for you to do there...17:26
PowermaniacStekern: yay your back!17:34
PowermaniacAlso I think I found you on github looking for tutorials for the openrisc 120017:34
PowermaniacAnyway I was wondering (oh no not again), about the De0-Nano that is so often recommended17:36
PowermaniacHow do you use it if all it has built in is a USB port?17:36
PowermaniacAlso so Ubuntu works on OpenRisc but not Debian? Ubuntu is Debian...?!?17:37
PowermaniacWell under the hood from what I understand Ubuntu is Debian...17:38
stekernthere's no ubuntu for openrisc neither17:38
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PowermaniacSo what exactly is ORPSoC then...? Must've gotten myself very confused somewhere17:40
stekerna SoC17:41
PowermaniacRight, I get that but isn't the OpenRISC built into the ORPSoC?17:42
stekernyes, the soc cona17:43
stekernyes, the soc contains a openrisc implementation17:43
stekernon the de0 nano, for example the uart is routed to the pinheaders, you need to hook up that to some ttl->rs232/usb converter17:44
PowermaniacWhat about a display?17:45
PowermaniacI'm talking a 20+" LCD...17:45
PowermaniacSo the components together on the ORPSoC supply everything needed to run say Debian but OpenRISC alone does not.17:47
stekernI've got one of those:
stekernthere are probably breakoutboards for hdmi or vga as well17:48
PowermaniacThat is so cool17:48
PowermaniacCould you connect to the internet with the ORPSoC on a DE0-Nano with a USB WiFi adapter?17:48
stekernI think you are making the wrong connection between the SoC and a Linux dist17:49
PowermaniacAnd a mouse, keyboard and seeing as there isn't a microsd slot a USB HDD?17:49
stekernyes, but you'd need some USB phy breakoutboard17:50
PowermaniacProbably only just finished the first chapter of Digital Design by Morris Mano, it was very detailed on binary etxc.17:50
PowermaniacSo what things do you have connected to your De0, to give me an idea?17:54
stekernuart, that LCD breakout (with touch controller) and debugger17:55
PowermaniacOh there is three sets of pins, what is that small port like a USB port, don't quite recognize it.17:58
PowermaniacWait just checked it is a USB port.17:58
stekernit's connected to a usb-blaster17:59
PowermaniacSo is the 24 pin port what you are using for debugginer?17:59
stekernyou can use the usb-blaster connection for debugging17:59
PowermaniacAhh okay, so 1 40 gpio pin for display break board, one for USB ports, one 24 pin for I'm not sure...18:00
PowermaniacSorry for all the questions by the way, hopefully I'm not too annoying...=S18:01
PowermaniacSo that LCD touchscreen is it(?) What kind of breakout board/connector is it using to connect to that screen?18:08
PowermaniacAnd can you turn on and off the touchscreen feature?18:08
stekernif you don't run any code that reads it, it's "turned off"18:09
PowermaniacHmm it look like it might be cheaper for me to get a board with all the features I want built in...18:13
PowermaniacStill not sure about HDMI TX and whether that can be used with normal HDMI.18:13
stekernwhat would not normal hdmi be?18:15
PowermaniacUmm I think just HDMI, they don't normally indicate it is tx...18:18
stekernah, perhaps HDMI out and HDMI in would make more sense then18:18
stekernvs tx and rx18:18
Powermaniac7Sorry about that my Nexus 7s net just died for whatever reason18:20
Powermaniac7Think I found a HDMI breakout board though18:22
Powermaniac7Also what USB breakout board are you using?18:24
stekernI don't have an USB breakout board18:24
Powermaniac7So what does the tx stand for in HDMI tx as you seem to know...?18:27
stekerntx = transmit, rx = receive18:31
Powermaniac7Ahh so it is exactly what I'm after then, transmit not receive18:32
Powermaniac7Don't think I need both, pretty sure monitors only display don't send back information...18:33
stekernyes, you only need hdmi out18:35
Powermaniac7I think that is it for tonight now18:39
Powermaniac74am so I should probably try to get some sleep18:39
Powermaniac7Thanks for the help Stekern!18:40
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