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poke53282olofk: swrast, but the llvmpipe sounds interesting. According to the web site you need an x86 compatible cpu.04:13
_franck_stekern: sorry, I looked on the unified patch itself and there is no space there06:07
stekernare all avalon accesses registered?08:23
stekernIt acks my reads on the same cycle as the read signal goes high, but the data is not right08:25
LoneTechI've forgotten how avalon-mm handshaking works, but I think it essentially does two streams. hang on a moment11:57
stekernah, now I understand how it works... I'm only suppose to hold 'read' signal high when 'waitrequest' is asserted, even if 'readdatavalid' doesn't get asserted on the first clock cycle 'waitrequest' is deasserted11:57
LoneTechyep, readdatavalid marks when data appears11:57
LoneTechwaitrequest means any access posted that cycle is not handled11:58
stekernbecause you can pipeline several reads until 'waitrequest' get asserted11:58
stekernyeah, I get it now11:58
LoneTechalso, spec says there must be a cycle of latency from read to readdatavalid11:59
LoneTech(at least)12:00
stekernok, but I'm looking at it from the master side, so it doesn't "concern" me (right now at least)12:07
stekernbut thanks for the heads up on that12:08
stekernI will need to do avalon master to wb slave soon anyways12:08
stekernwoho! LEDs are blinking =)12:48
stekernand hello world is working too12:50
stekernLinux crashes though...13:48
stekernat least there is some console output before that happens13:49
olofk_franck_: Great job with the url provider. I'll take a look at it tomorrow. Haven't had time this weekend21:48
olofkand yes, patches aren't available for local cores. Might be useful in some situations though21:49
stekernI'm feeling the scope creep coming on to me... it started out with a simple wb<->avalon bridge, now I'm considering big furry monsters...21:50
_franck_can't we just ask github to send a pull request on a specific commit ?21:56
_franck_look at the pull request I sent you stekern, I didn't want you to merge 4 commits....21:57
_franck_olofk: is that normal it doesn't return anything ?22:00
stekernwhat have you sent me?22:02
stekernbut, no, you send a pull request for a branch. if you change that branch, you change what is going to be pulled too22:03
stekernthat's normal, but with the github web interface it's confusing22:04
_franck_so I should never commit to the master branch and use it as a base for new branches where I would cherry-pick what I want to send as a pull request22:10
stekernI usually have a for-<something> branch that represents 'upstream' where I cherry-pick commits ready for 'upstreaming'22:11
stekernthat way, you can do merges in your master branch (i.e. not rewriting history there), and always 'git pull -r' when you update the for- branch22:15
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