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LoneTechjuliusb: [versioning] a package called "autorevision" just showed up in debian. It seems something suitable for make to use to generate version registers09:26
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olofk_franck_: (wb_data_reize in wb_intercon-gen) Yeah, I know. I have support for a datawidth tag in the slaves, but I haven't yet written the code for it. I want to push out the code before I add more features17:48
olofkjuliusb, stekern: The guys at CERN has something called sdb (which I think is in the mainline kernel) that is meant to keep track of the revisions of all cores in a SoC. I've been planning to take a look at that to implement support in ORPSoC17:52
olofkPerhaps it's easier to keep the fine-graned revision stuff outside of mor1kx itself, and only have major/minor version in the version registers?17:53
stekernolofk: perhaps, the only way to get the commit hash in there is when you build it anyway18:12
stekern(which of course would be a nice sideeffect of having mor1kx top module autogenerated, the autogenerater could insert the commit hash)18:14
_franck_stekern: can you show me your sockit.core file so I can copy your mor1kx files ?20:46
stekernehhm, but the mor1kx files aren't in that20:55
_franck_ok, I thought you have files in your system directory since we haven't mor1kx.core in our "official" orpsoc-cores repo20:59
stekernwell, it's in the official, but the file list is incorrect (which reminds me I should send a patch that fixes that)21:01
_franck_ah you're right it's in there21:02
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