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poke53282The JIT compilers of Javascript are really crazy. Last Firefox version reduced the speed a factor of three. The new google chrome version increased the emulation speed a factor 3-4. Adding one line of code by setting a variable which I don't use reduced the speed again by a factor of three. This is so crazy.04:56
poke53282The only reason I see is some sort of internal deoptimization routine which induces some avalanche effect.04:58
stekernsounds like fun ;)05:27
olofk_franck_: Nice work with jtag_vpi. Should I remove the local copy from orpsoc-cores and use the one on github instead now?06:38
_franck_olofk: yes you can07:52
olofkHas anyone booked rooms for orconf2013 yet?10:52
olofkBecause I might need one too :)10:54
olofkWhen is the conference starting? I have a choice of arriving at Stansted 22:45 friday night, or 11:15 saturday morning. I would prefer the last one, but I'm not sure I'll make it to Cambridge in time11:00
olofkSaturday is probably ok, I guess. No way that any of you drunken bums will arrive before lunch anyway11:03
_franck_speaking about this: jeremybennett_ should I arrive at 10:25 at Gatwick or 10:55 at Luton ?11:50
mschulzeHi, can someone confirm, that there were no mails from me (Martin) on the mailinglist yesterday, please?13:02
olofkmschulze: There were three mails from you on the list yesterday. I haven't gotten around answering yet13:05
olofkIt sounds interesting, and I saw that your coming to the conference, so it will be fun to see what you have to present there13:05
mschulzeolofk: So the problem is on my side, as I got no mails and actually I fear, that I will miss the answers :-(13:06
olofkmschulze: I'm not sure if you are aware of this, but we have two mailing list (long story), and I saw that your mail only went out to one of them. Could it be that you have subscribed to the wrong list?13:08
olofkIt's and (you sent it to the last one)13:08
mschulzeolofk: Yes, I found the first list last night and registered there too, but I registered to the second list about one year ago and sent the mails to exact this list.13:09
mschulzeWould it be better sending to both lists?13:10
olofkmschulze: Yes. We still haven't figured out what to do with this, so the recommendation is to send to both13:11
mschulzeolofk: Okay. Than I will forward the three mails and send further mails to both lists :-D More spam for more people...13:16
olofkWe do anything we can to make it more confusing for new contributors ;)13:29
LoneTechI'm confused already, but I also got them13:31
stekernyup, me too and I second it sounds interesting13:50
mschulzeAre you used to vagrant? I made some scripts that provision a development VM, but they are useless if vagrant is a problem (and under Ubuntu it's a bit tricky to install it).14:11
olofkHaven't used vagrant. Haven't used any VM's at all for a while actually15:52
stekernolofk: I haven't booked any rooms yet, but I have booked flights18:13
stekernI'll be arriving at gatwick 18:10 on friday18:14
stekernolofk: I take that as a confirmation that you're coming too! \o/18:16
olofkstekern: Yep. Plane is booked now. I'll arrive on saturday.18:18
olofkOn saturday 12 october that is. I'm still in denial that the date has been changed!18:20
stekernyour gonna have an OKCONF2013 I presume then18:22
olofkGreat idea :)18:23
stekernwith lots of lightnings talk about how ok have progressed during the past year18:23
stekern*lightning talks18:23
olofkThe main topic of those talks would be how to handle regressions :(18:24
olofkThere is a workshop on "The use of wigs and extensions in Afro hairdressing" on the 12th. Sounds like fun!18:26
stekernah, but you can address those during the bugfixing session!18:26
stekernI wonder if I've fixed this stubborn store buffer bug by the conference...18:31
stekernI'm at least making some progress, the available storage in a slob page isn't updated properly18:33
stekernso it's reusing storage that isn't free18:34
stekernluckily it's only partly a heisenbug, I can insert some printk without it disappearing, as long as I use them sparsely18:51
olofkSounds like a quality bug :)18:57
poke53282So this store buffer bug appears while starting Linux?22:22
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