IRC logs for #openrisc Thursday, 2013-08-22

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stekernwishbone over USB?04:38
stekernheh, initial performance measurement with the store buffer shows that it is... SLOWER!04:38
stekernI know why though, the actual bus accesses are slower atm, because I wanted to make them foolproof to get all other surrounding things working04:40
stekernso the memory bus get more congested, hitting overall performance04:41
stekernstill bugs in there that I need to fix too, so hopefully the final result will get faster04:42
stekernif nothing else, I'll just have to make a complex and better store buffer with forwarding straight away ;)04:47
olofkIt's time for the daily git support :)21:32
olofkHa! I did it all by myself21:47
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