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stekernyes, and for what I'm debugging now it would be useful02:30
stekernsince I can't really have a ~300 MB ram disk ;)02:32
stekernbut otoh, this starts to look like a bug outside mor1kx...03:08
stekernsomething that is written to RAM isn't read back as that a short while later03:08
stekernhmm, I see a potential reason in the xilinx ddr2 wrapper03:35
stekernthere might be writes in the write fifo when the read command comes, one would think that the memory controller would prioritize writes, but you never know03:39
olofkstekern: Which python version are you using?14:54
olofkIt looks like I'm doing something forbidden when I try to extend the SafeConfigParser class14:58
olofkYep... it's a python2 issue. That sucks. I was hoping I had both python 2 and 3 covered. If you have python3 on your system, try that in the meantime15:01
olofkJust a quick emerge =dev-lang/python-3.2.5-r1 :)15:01
olofkstekern: I think this will work for python2
stekernumm, I have python316:28
stekernbut maybe that isn't used by default16:28
stekernnope, python2 is used by default16:29
olofkstekern: I pushed the fix. Have you tried if it works now?20:58
olofkIf you want to run directly from git just launch with "python bin/" instead of orpsoc20:59
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