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arokux1hi, it seems that development on openrisc has ceased. is it true?12:28
amsarokux1: what makes you think that?12:40
arokux1ams, outdated wiki page :)12:41
amsarokux1: update it ...12:41
arokux1ams, i'm just interested if the project is alive. not really blaming anybody.12:42
stekernarokux1: it's very much alive and kicking12:42
stekernwe're just not excellent in the wiki page updating department12:43
arokux1stekern, what are the best ways to start penetrating into the project then? mailing list, irc, etc?12:43
stekernolofk: I'd like some orpsocv3 quickstart hand holding, can that be arranged? first, how do I build a board?12:44
amsarokux1: updateing the wiki :-)12:44
stekernarokux1: mailing lists and irc sounds like a good start, yes12:44
stekernwhat area are you interested in?12:45
arokux1stekern, i'm not sure yet, maybe some high level SoC designer view for the start.12:46
arokux1stekern, so that i do not get lost in details, could be more high level than that, though.12:49
arokux1stekern, still there?14:53
stekernyes, on and off14:59
stekernhard to guide you when you have no specific goal15:01
stekernyou can start looking at the existing popular openrisc SoCs, orpsocv2, orpsocv3 and minsoc15:03
stekernarokux1: what specifically did you find outdated in the wiki btw?15:04
arokux1stekern, news section for example was not updated for a long time, that is why I just wanted to know if smth still happens15:05
olofkstekern: I wanna hold your hand now17:14
olofkCreate a subdirectory under systems with the name of your board. Put your board-specific files wherever you want in there. I guess a directory named source, or rtl/verilog would be the most common17:16
olofkOh.. and it currently only supports the quartus flow btw, so I hope you got an Altera based board17:18
olofkBefore you start, we should perhaps clarify if you are using a system-wide installation, or running directly from the git/tar.gz version17:23
olofkI would go for system-wide. That is so much cooler17:24
olofkOr perhaps you meant build an existing board. In that case, there aren't any. I have a port for ordb2a that a former colleague did, but I want to do some cleanup on that before I push it17:39
stekernoh, ok, I meant existing board18:18
stekernbut if there are none, it's no wonder I couldn't find'em ;)18:19
stekernbut what I really wanted to do was make a board port for sockit, so it's all right18:19
stekernand altera that is ;)18:20
stekernI'm a bit confused about the system wide install though, what exactly is installed to the system?18:20
stekernI can probably figure this things out if I start digging, but think of this as a "new dumb user experience test"18:21
stekern...instead of an old dumb user ;)18:22
mor1kx[mor1kx] skristiansson pushed 2 new commits to master:
mor1kxmor1kx/master e9e8443 Stefan Kristiansson: immu: register spr read result for stalled accesses...19:28
mor1kxmor1kx/master c295a86 Stefan Kristiansson: immu: separate busy and tlb_reload_busy signals...19:28
stekernwe really should fix that fishy cdc in ethoc...19:30
stekernnow it's a 50/60 chance that it synthesize into something that's working/not working19:30
olofkstekern: System-wide installation installs a python script in $prefix/bin and some python libraries in the correct places. The actual RTL and system descriptions can be placed anywhere.20:37
olofkI'll probably move the non-python stuff to a separate repository so that they can be updated separately20:38
olofkAnd yes, that CDC in ethoc is a bit scary. I have wanted to rewrite the whole wishbone handling for a while now, but haven't had the time20:38
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