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poke53282A proof that it is indeed working.02:11
poke53282it is running xeyes under twm desktop.02:14
poke53282I don't know why the pupils are quadratic02:16
stekernpoke53282: very cool05:53
stekernI take back my theory on the "emulated ftdi"07:04
olofk_poke53282: That is awesome :)15:58
-!- olofk_ is now known as olofk15:58
poke53282What is ftdi?17:13
hnopoke53282, one manufacturer of USB serial chips.18:47
hnoad USB Blaster (1) is built around one of their chips.18:47
stekernthis is odd, I'm replaying the exact sequence quartus does when you press "jtag scan", but the device responds "Remote I/O Error" when I try toread the bulk in endpoint21:02
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